so what so great about benzo's

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  1. so yeah i have a great connect for alot of cheap ativan but i still dont understand whats so good about them so can someone let me know whats the high like ?
  2. dude there are a shit load of threads on benzos

    theyre chill pills... if you take one any anxiety that you have will vanish for a while
  3. i was kinda hoping for somthing more informative
  4. meh...i like to remember my good times so its not my thing :) but some blades here know their shit when it comes to benzos...theyll probably see this thread
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    klonopin is what i have an Rx for and what i find to work the best for me

    you know the feeling when you get in front of class or break the ice with a hot girl? well take a benzo and your brain literally bypasses that feeling... it has something to do with slowing down the central nervous system.

    it is similar to the "calm" feeling you get while drunk minus a few other parts

    That's all you need. But I think they where best summed up above: chill pills.
  7. i never really got an enjoyable "high" off ativan but xanax was diffrent...
  8. well my first time four mg's i just didn't give a fuck about anything....
  9. get kpinz they are better

    take 2-3mg

    ul have a fun time

    very relaxing feeling
  10. I don't remember that is essentially what you'll say when someone tells you what happened
  11. i said that alot lolol
  12. ativan/lorazepam sucks as far as benzos go. i love klonos and xannies tho.
  13. yeah lorazepam is the mexican brick of benzodiapines
  14. yeah for real. i used to love them. they made me feel fucking amazing then i got clean off benzos and tried loraz again and they fucking suck! they make me nauseas, bad taste in mouth, hella confused and sometimes visual distortions. fucking lame pill even worse in the IV formula.
  15. I have really really bad anxiety, so benzos are my favorite drug, moreso than weed. I like klonopins the best personally, but I can never find them, I can only find xanax bars. Xanax doesn't hit me very hard at all, I need to take a lot of bars to feel relaxed, I took 1mg tonight with a VERY low tolerance and none of my anxiety symptoms went away at all. It fucking sucks, i'm going to the doctor tomorrow to get a script and I really hope I don't get xanax, i'd honestly rather have ativan even though i've never even tried it, maybe it'll effect me more.
  16. lololol tru dat man
  17. klonos ftw best benzo ive had. xanax is good but has a short half life and more addictive then most benzos. valium is pretty good but not that strong but what i really like and NEED to find SOMEHOW is fucking librium. librium with a few drinks and BAM i was gone. stole a bunch of shit out of a frat house and rode off on one of their bikes (yeah i was that high), fuckin a.
  18. They do make you chill. The other day I took 2 5mg Diazepam(generic valiums), which were my sister's old meds(she don't use em' anymore). I got really chill, like I would with 2 benadryl or a glass of wine. I also got massive munchies for one, but that's just me. basically zero paranoia, even when I decided to spark a bowl while on valium. I prefer trees, more fun, less habit forming, but weed+ valium was a nice combo too.

  19. Damn man haha I wish we could trade places, I get a Kpin script. But they dont fuck me up like bars do. Il easly trade my klonny script for a xanny 1.

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