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  1. im looking to get back into fmx in a little bit and i have to be at tip top physical shape or i die or break bones. im about 10 ilbs overweight but strength whise ive got no problem ive lifted weights non stop everynight for the past atleast 18 months and done leg lifts,wall sits etc. anyway i was going to go on a water fast until i got the 10 or most of the 10 off then go into eating nothing but salad(is salad really good for you?? i honestly have to push myself to eat it) and something else thats pure protein so thoughts?
  2. no one?? im going to start the water fast tommarow unless i get a valid pont from someone telling me not to
  3. This may be about a month late, but you should eat hot peppers along with the water fast so you can control your appatite and move all of the crap out of your colon. Also, your doing strength exercise. If you want to LOSE weight, you should focus on cardio and aerobic exercise.
  4. Forget fasting dude. Just cut your calorie intake down to 1500-1700 calories a day, limit the fats to 50g/day (GOOD fats like nuts, oil, and dairy), limit the carbs to like 100g/day (GOOD carbs like whole grains/wheat/etc), and fill the rest in with protein around 250g/day (preferably leaner proteins like turkey/chicken/fish). Keep lifting, but start running 2-3 miles after every lift.

    The fat will melt off you in a matter of weeks, and it's healthier than a fast.
  5. Not to be a dick, but
    Step one: Practice English spelling/grammar
    Step two: Figure out your BMR (google it) and eat about 500 less calories than that (at that rate, you'd lose a lb a week)
    Step three: Lift weights and do cardio

    Diet's the most important part, but I'd recommend at least lifting along with it because lifting can actually strengthen your bones (assuming you lift relatively heavy weights for your strength level), which would help with not breaking your bones.

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