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so, what do you perfer?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ganjagirl06, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. i was wondering, what do you guys usually perfer? to smoke a blunt, a joint, hit the pipes or the bongs? i love smoking blunts because i feel like my high is waaay better than hitting a bong or a pipe; more of a head a high. is ur high any different from a bong or a pipe? just wondering :eek:
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    i perfer the bong

    nice, clean hits. i get the same type of high from beez and bongs, it just takes a little more time if im hitting a blunt
  3. I find i enjoy each pretty much equally, although a nice king pin maple syrup blunt would be my first choice to smoke
  4. dutches all day everyday...honestly i hate smokin bongs or pipes or watever, i feel like i never get high just lifted, u no wat i mean? wit blunts i get hiiigh for a lot longer n i been smokin blunts since for 9 years now...started out with phillies > whiteowls n swishers > n now its just dutches(since 02), everything else got mad thick paper n leaves on em, n with dutches u could taste the weed not paper....just my opinion tho....
  5. thats exactly how i feel..
  6. when i started, i was so n00by and i was 15 so i couldnt even get papers or whatnot, so i just bummed hits off of my friends' piece or i'd make a bong from a water bottle. but then i've gotten pretty deep in the weed world and i prefer smoking joints that i have rolled, or toking from my homemade vaporizer or my homemade bubbler.

    joints just feel so... meaningful, like THAT's the way its supposed to be done. plus theres nothing like the satisfaction you get from spending ten minutes rolling a great joint and then having a nice smooth smoke.

    but bubbler, bong, and especially vaporizer highs are great--they come nice and fast with minimal loss of product, as well as providing opportunity to stop for a few seconds without wasting anything if you need to clear your lungs.

    i prefer joints to anything, but homemade bongs/bubblers are great too
  7. all this talkin bout dutches made me go buy some haha...switched it up this time 2 grape 2 honeys n 4 vanillas i no ppl hate on the vanillas but they the best ones
  8. I am a glass guy, bongs and spoons just get me higher. When I smoke a .5 out of glass I get alot higher than when I smoke a 1.0 blunt between two.
  9. So many of these threads. But I prefer a vape over anything if it's the usual dank.
  10. bongs deffinately get me the highest but blunts are so much fun to smoke
  11. bong, hotknives, aqualung and of course the vape... you guys should know that.
  12. Bongs and vapes for me. Vapes for usual smoking and then smoke a bong before bed.
  13. It's all about the mood for me. I love vaping honestly, but I just have that attachment to smoking a pipe. I've never been crazy about joint/blunts. I like smoking out of glass.

    The high is definitely different with a vape. It's a much more clear headed high but sometimes it gives me couch lock like you wouldn't believe.
  14. A vape is most efficient, a bong will get you ripped, but there's nothing like a clean glass spoon to get the full effect. All the taste and all the stone.

    I like them all, but a clean glass spoon is the very best way to taste and fully experience the herb. That's why they use them for cannabis competition judging.
  15. bong and vaporize every day. joints, bubbler, zong, blunts, hookahs, pipes on weekends
  16. Usually go for the bong, especially lately. It takes a good night for me to roll a j or a blunt, loading up the bong is so easy :hello:
  17. (joints, blunts, pipes, bongs) it's all good to me
    im leanin' towards blunts n joints though.
    thas what i used when i started smokin, jus neva really changed.
    I got a few pipes layin around though
  18. definitely blunts... blunts are amazing cause if they are rolled right and burn nice its just nothing u have to worry about... pluss its basically like the lazy way to smoke cause u dont have to keep relighting it and packing it :)... also i like blunts because if im smoking in a car and i get pulled over after smoking, there will be nothing left but if i had a peice then obviously shit would go down haha

    so def blunts but bongs are great to get u RIPPED
  19. i smoke bongs like im milkin a cow
  20. joints for sure. there is nothing better than a joint. little, effective, portable. They look so good and it is just how I had always imagined smoking.

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