So What Classes You Signed Up For?

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  1. for most of us college people it is the summer semester and fall begins soon!  what are you currently enrolled in, what do you have for the fall 13 semester?  already have an outline for the next spring?  what is it!?
    right now i am enrolled in "PreCalculus Algebra" (4cr) and "Race and Ethnic Relations" (3cr)
    here's how my fall looks

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    I signed up for dropout after third year of University-101
  3. I was on medical leave and I'm in the process of re-enrolling.  I plan on taking english 204 in july and then going back full time in the fall.  Can't wait :).
    But right now I'm focusing on my beach bod for the summer  :smoking:
  4. Criminal psychology! :D
  5. humanities 1 and 2 to finish off my AA.
    then in the fall i can get onto my major.  just need physics 2 + lab, calc 3 and differential equations to finish my prerequisites
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    Organic Chemistry
    Orgo Lab
    Microbiology and Immunology Lab
    Ancient Politics
    Philosophy: Contemporary Moral Issues
    14 Credits
  7. You better make all A's with a schedule like that!
  8. Corporate Law,
    Intro to marketing,
    Professional Development 3
  9. my easiest semester since first semester freshman year :rolleyes: just finished chemical engineering FTW!
  10. Marine Chemistry
    Animal medicine 101
    Marine emergency response
  11. I am signed up for a class called "how to get the federal government of the USA to leagalize weed and stop attacking other countiries for the dollar on oil."
    If the 12 year old girl that silenced the world for 5 minutes was a teacher, i would sign up for her class.
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    America Since 1890
    English 1102
    Health/PE (lol)
    Principles of Economics-Micro
    Business Law
    15 creds
    Sophomore year get at me!


    P.s. 69th post :ey:

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