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So what am I now?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by smokinokie, Sep 5, 2001.


Is this my first time at posting a poll?

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  1. blades...
  2. #63 pyro44199, May 3, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: May 3, 2011
    i definitely did not look at the date
  3. Grassers , Grasses ?
  4. Kushomatuc: No trolling I wa pm'd on another board by a member. Guess you better get some og members to "verify".. If they still post.. Most lurk to my knowlede. I can understand your skeptics tho my acct on yahooka is still workin.. Join pm and find out if I'm real :) fyi the hookah isn't nearly as big or active so I wouldn't plan on stayin their long if I were you.

    Drhell2pay: I'm not sure I asked admin about it in my intro thread. Didn't get a response last time I checked. Bladies is funny lol!
  5. Posting in a really, really old thread.

    Cool to see where blades came from.
  6. 10 Year old thread hellz yea!
  7. Damn this is a GrassCity artifact! The beginning of our bible.
  8. we are blades bro.

  9. Yeah.

    I know.

    For about 10 years now. ;)

    Seen several responses of those who may (still) not know this thread is OLD!

    It's ok.

    I'm stoned too.:smoke:

  10. like as if it was still up for discussion?;):smoke:

    we couldnt have possibly done better then blades.....

    but if we haddent been blessed with such a perfect title......

    i wouldnt have been upset by ....grassholes;):smoke:

    but what would the bladies have been called?

    grasshos wouldnt cut it for most of them....:eek:
  11. We have blades...duh

  12. And this si the man we owe it all too!!!! :hello::hello:
  13. LOL it was all luck and timing.. Grassholes is freakin hilarious tho props.. Now let's move on :)

  14. Beautiful man.
  15. man, im getting a natural high from reading this thread :smoke:
  16. A moment in History relived - That was the rest of the story - Paul Harvey Goodnight :smoke:
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  17. We've got Blades here and we've got Grassholes, add both to the trail mix for a good hike.

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