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So what am I now?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by smokinokie, Sep 5, 2001.


Is this my first time at posting a poll?

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  1. Evenin, mornin, afternoon, y'all!

    I just spent 15 min. trying to get in Yahooka.(Is it OK to say that word here?) Only thing I could get was my e-mail. It's a shame. But I'm finding myself getting comfy here on this fine example of what a discussion board should be. Super Mods and all. Superjoint and all those involved, RIGHT ON! Get ready, I think y'all gonna be big!

    Which brings me to my current conundrum. If Yahooka has Yahookans, what does GrassCity have? GrassCitizens? Grassites? Grassvillians? Ponder,ponder,ponder......
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  2. Grasscitians....




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  3. i dont know what we are? mabe we could have some sugestions the POLL!
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  4. Bring it on...

    The Mighty POLL

    hee hee hee.....

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  5. Grassers?
  6. grassmasters!
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  7. How about "The Tokers formerly known as Yahookans"?

    BTW, I was known as startedagain on Yahooka, so you could call me "The former Yahookan formerly known as startedagain".

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  8. ahh but we are not all yahookans.
    maby we can keep it simple... "mellow friends"?...
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  9. Maybe we could use the ol' thesaurus looking under the word grass.....lawn, greenery, turf, sod, verdure.

    How 'bout Sod Suckers?

    Nah, that sounds like a college in Nebraska.

    What in the hell is verdure? How old is my thesaurus?

    I suppose it's all trivial anyway.

    By the way, that was my first time posting a poll. New place, new buttons to play with.

    If you guessed correctly your prize will be mailed Feb. 31st.
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  10. how do you know who votes what? i know i guessed the right one.
  11. I know I am new, but when it comes to finding a name for grups or crews I am pretty good so here are my entries.....

    first the coment on us bieng called GRASSHOPers was by far the best one.

    secound Grasslings

    thirdly grassmonkeys
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  12. The Grasshoppers are a footballclub (soccer for you Americans) in Switzerland.
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  13. blades?

    alone we are small but when we get together we form a community. All the blades creates "grass city"

    well I dosn't make much sense when I go back over it but it was cool as heck when came to me. (hint, hint)
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  14. One of the (many) nice things about the new board is you get to pick your own title.:) But as for a community name, I like GrassShopers.
  15. I don't feel stupid anymore! Thanks Critter
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  16. I can see it now. Years from now, all the cool kidz will be walking up to each other......Hey Blade! Whassup Blade!

    I did'nt ponder on it too much the first time I saw it, but now...... it's growin on me. And not just because it's friday nite, and I just had a long session with a bomber.
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  17. I had thought about it and I see that I came up with the same Idea. That Blades was the coolest.
    I would call my self a blade and others as well.
    I am going to work on a graff. I would love to see what other people could come up with for graffs of blades.
    Also Blades is a nation wide skate shop.
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  18. i'd prefer not to have a label impossed upon me.

    But i do love the term blades.
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  19. Sure looks like the blades have it.
    That is phat. I am for sure going to start using this one.. Got to be the coolest name since heads.
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