so were not all dead?

Discussion in 'General' started by Golden Lungs, Dec 21, 2012.

  1. well i guess we still have 23 more hours to go but fuck that shit. i feel like people are going to be more retarted than usual tomorrow aswell.
  2. did i died??
  3. [quote name='"notajew"']did i died??[/quote]

  4. I really hope there isn't an actual group of people on here who believe in this
  5. its all just media bullshit
  6. We're dead you just don't know it yet. This is death. Seriously.
  7. what if like...

    we're dead when we think we're alive and we are alive when we think we're dead?

  8. As long as I smoke you can call it being fluffy, I wouldn't care.
  9. and this has happened multiple times throughout our existence
  10. I'm still breathing who knows though
  11. I think I'm still here... Idk man. I just don't know anymore

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