So, we were wrong- cannabis IS physically addictive

Discussion in 'General' started by feudalism, Mar 1, 2013.

  1. We've been wrong all these years

    Marijuana Is Addictive, Causes Withdrawal: Study

  2. IDGAF.

    Maybe thats the weed talking?
  3. Success is the obvious path.
  4. If I was colorblind I probably would've chose Weed
  5. But we all chose weed. :)
  6. They proved Cannabis has the same withdrawal effects as Caffeine?
  7. Have fun living in that black and white world.

    Whenever I think of the 1930's I imagine it was black and white. Color had not yet been invented.
  8. What if you just walk down the middle? Half of you would be black/white the other half would be in color :smoking:
  9. I do know one thing I am mean when I'm weedless. :devious:
  10. Could you walk through signs?
  11. I thought addiction was more than just withdrawal symptoms
  12. Of course there are withdrawal symptoms... whoever disagrees is just being ignorant. However, the symptoms are nowhere near severe enough to affect every day functioning. Unless you are smoking ridiculously high amounts of weed, and then just stop, you really wont experience any of those symptoms. And I've known tonnes of people who have experienced this, but they didn't go back to smoking, they wen't away within the first week.
  13. "Withstand the turmoil of going through withdrawal" made me lol. That sentence makes it seem like you have seizures or some shit. I don't consider not sleeping as well and being slightly agitated as "turmoil."
  14. Why does being colourblind mean everything's in black and white? I thought it was three things like red-green, green-blue and something else.
  15. Yup...guys I am shaking because I haven't had a hit of weed in hours...article lost all credibility when it said the addiction is very similar to tobacco.
  16. I think caffeine withdrawal is worse, unless you're smoking for medical reason--but in that case this study is irrelevant.

    Also, no reason you can't have "success" and "weed." :smoke:
  17. Your username and being on this site alone screams your decision :p

    I was just having fun I am sure most of us here if not all smokes or smoked weed and became successful in life.
  18. Are you joking? If that was true it'd be a HUGE deal in the realm of Marijuana legalisation.
  19. Bullshit propaganda. Similar to tobacco, smh.
  20. Was waiting for this, what makes you say it's propaganda?

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