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So we didn't die...

Discussion in 'General' started by Budologyy, Dec 22, 2012.

  1. We live ah lives
  2. We wait Budologyy. Now we wait.
  3. now you proceed in living your shitty life like usual
  4. I'm in Peru right now and totally expected a ground zero of clusterfuck sized proportions
  5. We wait for the next apocalypse theory. It's been all day, I'm surprised there's not a new one already.
  6. Now hopefully people can stop making these pointless threads.
  7. there's still time to die. it's only 7:52pm.

    sit back and await your inevitable demise as the aliens strategically peel your arteries and observe the effects delibrately.
  8. no ones gonna die, the calendar ended becuase its a new era, has nothing to do with the end of the world.
  9. ball to you fall shorties
  10. Wheres that one guy With the sig that says something like "on the 21rst were all going up"?:laughing:
  11. Quick. Lets start working on theories for the next apocalypse!
  12. We live on, live on to die another day thats watsup
  13. we roll another joint :0
  14. guess im going to work tomorrow. shit
  15. I wonder how many people commited suicide because of today. The media outlets should be sued for hyping that shit
  16. Life feels different now not having this lingering doomsday hanging over my head. Even though I didn't think it would happen, it was something to sort of look forward to. Now that it's come and gone its like damn.. The world is just going to continue.
  17. Religion is evidence of the extreme corruptibility of the mind. I'm so high right now. I'm going to watch funny youtube videos.

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