So today i got a credit card

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  1. So today i went and got a credit card, the bank i went to prints them out right away which is pretty cool. All of a sudden like an hour later, i realize i can't find my card.... I just called my bank and there's already 3 charges on it which i didn't even make... FUCK idk what to do, they told me they need to file a investigation and they closed my card, but seriously maybe i'm not ready for a credit card :(
  2. LMAO. Sorry OP but that's pretty funny. You didn't even own it for an hour lol.
  3. wow thats one for the books haha
  4. Nope, you're probably not ready for a credit card if you lose it in less than a day.

    You could instead buy a bunch of $100 visa gift cards and just use them, then you wouldn't have any sudden skyrocketing debt resulting from potential future irresponsibility.

  5. Theres a $6-7 fee for each one. Then you lose even more when you get to like $.79 and can't buy anything with it haha.
  6. You made a thread yesterday about how you owe people $400 dollars and now you get a credit card? :laughing:
  7. He made that thread, and the one about him wanting a credit card. OP you have horrible money management skills.
  8. That's when you start using 8 cards at a time lol :p
  9. dude are you trying to ruin your life from the get go? credit cards are pretty much the shittiest thing ever created. they exist purely to send people into crippling debt so the banks will always own you. dont spend what you dont have and you dont have to worry about debt.
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  11. op probably has to wear his house key around his neck so he doesn't lose it.
  12. Exactly...there's no way that you can lose all of them (even if you're really good).

    And you'll never get insane fees for not paying off the debt on the card, because you'll have already bought them; but that's only if you really have a desire to use a card everywhere you go and hate the inconvenience of cash.

    Personally, cash is my preferred method, simply because its a hell of a lot easier to keep track of everything.
  13. I wouldn't say losing your card means you're not ready for one. It could happen to anyone. You've just got to be careful man.
  14. hahha sorry man shits funny due to your other post!! but sorry better off just sell your soul then you have nothing to worrie about!!

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