so today i almost got arrested for counterfeit money....

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    Kinda long story but worth it IMO

    So about a month ago my dad was visiting vietnam and got scammed with fake 100$ bills. He brings them back to show all his friends for a laugh. On the back of it it says "In GOO We Trust" lol

    So its been lieing around the house for awhile and my dad has a friend staying with us for a few days.

    So the maids come who dont speak very good english and they give it to my dads friend thinking its his. He had a real 100$ on him and thought that was his and he puts it in his pocket.

    So later on today i take that friend to see the dark knight b/c he hasnt seen it yet. I forgot my wallet so he goes to pay for it with the fake 100$ which he obviously thought was real.

    The ticket guy obviously knows its fake so the manager comes and says its counterfeit and they have to confisgate it. My dads friend was in shock b/c he thought the bank gave him a counterfeit bill. On my way back to my car i tell him that it must have been the fake bill my dad got so we just laugh it off. So we decide to run back home and get my wallet so we can catch the movie.

    We get back, pay with a real 20$ and the cashier checks it out religiously and lets us in.

    So we're not in the movie 5 minute when these police officers come ask to speak with us. They take us out front and get all our info and keep questioning us thinking we did it on purpose.

    We tell them the whole story and they still dont beleive us. Then im like "why the hell would we knowingly pay with a fake 100 and come back and pay with real money?"

    They still keep questioning us and they asked if we had any drugs and all that nosense. Then they ask if they could go search my car..

    Im clean but im gettin kind of pissed at this point. I ask the officer why he needs to search my car but he didnt answer me. So we go to my car and i just stand there with it locked. He didnt ask to search my car when we got there he just asked me if i have anymore fake bills in the car and of course i say no.

    Then they asked if i had any...and i quote "bazookas or bombs in the car". I say "Sir, im an 18 yr old teenager, what do i need a bazooka for?"

    So they say we're going to have to stay and fill out some paper work but after about 10 minutes and "a talk with their supervisor" they let us go. But they said we should expect a call from the department of treasury or

    So all and all its a pretty funny story. The cops were kind of dicks put i guess they were just doing their job..poorly.

    I just take offense when officers try to take advantage of people's civil rights which is what he was doing by trying to search my car. If he asked i would have just kept saying no and waitied for him to get a warrant and would have rofled my ass off when they wasted all that time and didnt find shit.

    They also asked me a bunch of other questions about were i attended school and searched our wallets and shit like that. But the move place did refund the tickets we bought.
  2. where'd the real 100 go
  3. there was never a real 100$. My dads friened left it at his house.
  4. Did your movie tickets get refunded?:confused:
  5. DAMN SON.

    im sorry to hear something so funny turned into such a big deal.

    honestly, like you said, if you brought a fake 100 and knew it was fake, WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU COME BACK?

    what if the FBI really calls though....
    that would be crazy.
  6. "Sir, im a 18 yr old teenager, what do i need a bazooka for?"


    man..cracked me up
  7. Almost only counts in horseshoes, hand grenades and shit fights.
  8. Sounds like something a hardass would say.

    Are you a hardass, eleven357?
  9. Hmm I have used a fake five before by accident. A shop keep gave it to me and I didn't notice. It looked legit, but it was about 2mm short all around the edges, so it was smaller then a real five. I paid with it the next day at the same deli.

    I guess since you used a hundred they checked. Anything small nobody cares.
  10. George Carlin I believe
  11. very funny story, thats why i hate those damn PIGS!
  12. No. Not at all.

  13. Damn. I thought I had you pegged.

  14. LOL. Josey Wales. w0rd.
  15. :hello:

    Ehhhermmmm. Sorry, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa8, didn't mean to hijack your thread. I'm done now.

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