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So this makes me a little sad... Wet bud...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Omnimerc, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. Ok so I am a bit sad today as last night I bought a 8th of northern lights and it was the dank I still have like 2.5g's of it and when I went to throw my cloths in the washer I threw my shorts in there which had my bag in it...

    I remembered shortly after and when I went back the shorts hadnt been submerged in water yet but the pocket that it was in had gotten sprayed and the bag a little water in it I got the bag out and now the bud is damp I searched the forum and found a few other threads somewhat close to this but without a reliable answer... is this bud still gonna get me high or did I throw away 60$?
  2. if its only sprayed a little bit then it should be ok, but if its proper damp. then dry it out, otherwise its fucked
  3. Its a little damp but not too much...

    its sitting inside of a can with the bottom cut off with a computer fan attached to the other side blowing off a heat sync from a old PC that just tuns on and gets hot and wont do anything else only thing that runs on the damn thing is the fan and i suppose the processor lol it turns on and gets hot thats about it...

    Is there a better way to dry it out?
  4. I think if it was really soaked then you might have ruined it. I remember seeing an episode of weeds when Mrs. Hodes dumped Nancys' entire supply in a pool to "help her out". Nancy tried drying the stash many different ways, including using the dryer and it was all ruined.
  5. ya I remember that too but its not soaked it doesn't drip or anything and it doesn't feel "wet" it feels like it hasn't been cured yet...

    idk im not sure I hope I didnt fuck my sac... =(
  6. You should check out curing section. All bud starts out wet and you have to dry it. You dont need heat on it just let it set out for a day and it will be good to go.
  7. Try using a blow dryer with warm or cold settings so it's not too hot. It's probably fine, but you don't want it to be wet so it eventually gets moldy.
  8. Its actually already starting to dry I think ill just get a hair dryer and see how that goes
  9. throw that shit in the microwave for 15 bro! Then BLAZE!!!!!
  10. put it in a bag with some silica gel if you have some for 6 hours and then check on it.

    or possibly a piece of bread...although mold may rape you
  11. glad this never happened to me lol
    :( srry
  12. And if none of those work put it in a cork top jar for an hour or two. Cork likes to pull the moisture right out of it.
  13. Iknow that when electronics get wet you can put them in a bag of rice and it dries them out, so... i guess that could work for weed.
    I hope it turns out okay, it's always a drag when stuff like that happens. :(
  14. If the bud got detergent water in it, just run a search here on "Water Curing". You wouldn't need to do a full water cure- a single rinse would do it. THC is NOT water soluble, so it still has all its goodness, but smoking detergent isn't my idea of a good smoke. :p A nice side effect to water curing is that the bud smokes smoother! Water curing is good for bud with an off flavor or that is really harsh. What you end up with looks awful, but smokes good. :D

    If it is just wet with no detergent in it, just dry it out and enjoy! A small fan speeds things up a lot.

    Granny :wave:

    ps- ALWAYS check your pockets before doing laundry!

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