so theres this girl.........

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  1. tht i really like, and was gonna try and take it a step further, were already REALLY good friends, but the 1 thing tht i think is holding me back is smoking, she dosent really approve of it........i was the 1 to frist smoke her up, but she got sick and dosent want to n e more, i need to decide to either keep on smokin and b single for a wjhile, or hold back fro a lil and c if n e thing haooens..........the way i look at it is tht i shouldnt have to change myself for a woman, she should like me the way i am......but idk........n e thoughts?
  2. I did it once, quit smoking for a girl; it didn't work.

    there are so many girls out there, and only one mary-jane
    she never asks you to change; now that's true love

    but seriously...
  3. id like to say that you wont have to change yourself for true love but just sounds like you want to hang out with her for a while and see where it leads. if this is the case, why not stop smoking for a while? worse case scenario, you just wasted some time with a pretty girl (i hope shes pretty)
  4. Cuz she knows whenever you smoke?
    Just smoke when you're not around her. Why do you have to quit?
  5. The way I see it, if she has a problem with it, then she really isn't worth it whether it is a problem with smoking, or something completely different, you shouldn't have to change yourself or the things you do for anyone. If they can't accept you for who you are then they aren't worth it.
  6. Do you and let her worry about herself.

    Besides... you're probably in the friend zone already.
  7. go back to myspace
  8. Useless comment.

    I say you take your chances, she might end up liking you anyhow, if the ganj becomes an issue, then make your choice.

    Don't close up your horizons because one thing holds you back imo.

  9. yes shes pretty, lol
  10. i tried tht b 4 with this other girl, but then i felt bad bec she asked me if i weas and i denied it.....
  11. ya, ive been in the friend zone for about 2

  12. no woman no cry
  13. No bitch is worth quiting smoking for,
  14. /thread
  15. She got sick and doesn't want to try it again? Such a quitter. Find a stoner chick, imo.
  16. lol, i cant really say n e thing bec she still tried love a gf tht smokes, but i can go without.....smoking is what other friends are
  17. A stoner chick would work so much better, you'd bypass the whole 'I want you to stop' end-phase.
  18. Dude, I ran into the same problem when I was riding the white lady. A chick I liked was really thrown off by it and said if we wanted to go further I'd have to drop it. So I said fuck it and stopped talking to her. *shrug*

    It's sad that a drug can destroy a relationship, but I still suggest keep it real and be true to yourself and not try to fill up someone elses desires. If you really want to quit then do it bro. If not, fuck her.
  19. that would be setting yourself up for a huge downfall. just tell her whats up man, tell her how you feel about her, but tell here that your going to be smoking, and you don't beleive it to be any worse than drinking or smoking cigs. If she still dosen't approve then she isn't a girl you should try and be with. Your supposed to be in a relationship where you make each other happy no matter what, and if she is gonna take away your right to smoke, then that would be a major problem.

    I have never had this problem, but I have had many friends that have quit for a girl and it just ended up in a huge waste of there time and money.
  20. Don't change for anyone or anything, bro! Be yourself, no matter what.

    If you like to smoke weed, smoke weed.

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