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So The Brownies Turned Out Great

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by SimplySmaLLs, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. Heres a few pics i manged to remember to take, i hit the bong before we commenced the operation. Hope you enjoy as much as i enjoyed making, baking, and eatin em. I already ate two and im doin fiiineee.....







    Believe me they were as good as they look
  2. "believe me they were as good as they look" haha thats great, + rep man good job :hello:
  3. Look good, How much nug did you use?
  4. they do look yummy. :smoke:
  5. those look very well done, good job. i bet they gave you a nice high :smoke::smoke:
  6. I threw in 7 gs of some mid grade, and this chick i knew wanted one, so she threw in a dubski, so all in all. 9 grams

    Indeed they did cstonek, i just woke up bout an hour ago, and ate one on an empty stomach, and i can feel it just slowly creepin.

    I LOVEE BRownies
  7. It's settled this weekend i'll be cooking some brownies.

    Going to use a zip of mids they should be dank :)
  8. Hell yeah, i only used a quarter and my batch was pretty damn potent

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