So the airport while stoned is a BAD IDEA!

Discussion in 'General' started by julesvern, Jun 5, 2006.

  1. One time, my roommate and I were getting blazed :smoking: and got super bored. He loves to people watch so he suggessted we go to the airport.
    bad idea.

    We had some dank ass creeper bud and we peaked when we were looking for parking spaces. I had my sunglasses on my head and he suggests "LET'S GO IN THERE WITH OUR SUNGLASSES ON!"
    bad idea.

    First of all, I'm middle easten. I'm very tall, long dark hair, olive tan. He's 6'1".. biiiig muscular, meaty guy whith dark, shaven hair. We looked like we belonged in the russian mafia with our sunglasses on. So we get there and I'll all fucking sketched out. We prolly reeked of weed, we had no luggage, no tickets, no nuthing. So he suggests we pick a delayed flight and if we get questioned, tell tem we're waiting for our aunt mildred on flight number 3422D on Delta airlines blaa blah.

    we find delta and sit down a few seats apart.. and then came the uncontrollable laughter and the weird looks we were getting from passengers and airport security. I ended up getting lost finding the ladies restroom.. and I saw a HUGE bob marley manatee on the way back.

    I live in Tampa, Florida and I think manatee county public schools had this program for senior art classes. They had a manatee contest where the students were given the same manatee and they had to design it. I saw some that looked like sharks, solar systems, etc and then BOB MARLEY! They had a rasta hat for him complete ith dreds, a lion tshirt printed with bob marley in rasta colors. It was cool as shit.

    so we took pictures.
    the terrorist-looking couple were taking pics next to a bob marley fish. [​IMG] I bet we looked like a real threat then. Anyway, there's no real moral of this sorty. I just remember being so fucking sketched out. EVERYONE was staring at us and making faces, and I couldn't tell if it was because we looked HIGH or because we looked suspect lol
  2. lol its funny as hell. but why the hell would you go to a airport with security up the ass with weed on you? i would do something as stupid as that if i was high too.
  3. I would definetly do that... just for kicks. DIA is over an hour from my house though so... fuck that.
  4. haha sounds kind of fun i guess

    i try not to make a scene when i am high though, i get paranoid and sketched out easy, but still sounds like fun
  5. Hahahaha
    sounds like fun
    btw: im in tampa too, just till this tuesday tho
  6. tampa international?

    if so im gonna get baked and go there tomorrow and look at the bob marley manatee :smoke:
  7. damn. i wish they had that manatee at OIA. maybe i'll go down to tampa for the weekend and stop by there lol
  8. If you can post them pictures up, haha id love to see the bob marley manatee.
  9. the minneapolis international airport is huge. i'd get lost way too fast
  10. Sounds like the beginning of "Dogma."
  11. haha great movie.....

    I love going to the airport high, during the school year I flew home for various occasions and since 3 of my friends from home were down at school we would always fly out at the same time. WE always smoke fat face blunts on the way there, about a 20 minute ride. We flew out of west palm beach and at that airport they have a huge putting green once you get by airport security. We would always get there nice and early and play around on the putting green while we were high, in the airport no less. Then it was time to start drinking, I think airports are one of the funnest places to sit down at like a bar and drink, because you will always meet some pretty interesting characters.

    I don't think think I would just chill at the airport, lots of cameras, and if you are just walking around being shady someone is going to notice.
  12. I remember being high in OIA, shit was crazy.
  13. lol good story. i think a lot of times when you're high theres a tendency to think that everyones looking at you or that everyone knows your high. so if someone actually does look at you, its like "I KNEW IT"

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