So; planting SEEDS in a rainy week, and more

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Chronik-Judge, May 13, 2006.

    Is the weather forcast for this week, tomorow (Saturday) we plan on planting seeds, we started germinating 3 tonight and we have 4 that are already somewhat germinated. My question is, if we plant them will they live? Also they may not have a CONSTANT direct sunlight, because of tree's above them causing shade so is that really bad? Oh and we are keeping 2 indoors so which ones should go outdoors the older ones or younger ones? basiclly any info you have will help. Thanks. Pics;

    got 18 seeds for 10$ guys says there white widdow but i highly doubt it either way..
  2. yeah me n Chronik-Judge are growing together and i germinated that seed (just had to say that) yeah and also about how much weed do you get per plant .. harvesting
    thanx for any help
  3. To be honest I germinated mine, and just put them in my mini plot, keep them in direct light, well once my plants is in shade but it's still growing like the others. But it's just a sprout and rainy weather is good for marijuana idk why i noticed in one day my seed sprouted.
  4. Yeah but im thinking a week full of cloudyness and rain is meh...
  5. i have the same problem. the forecast in my area is the same as yours. i think im gonna wait till next week.
  6. Maybe summer has finally arrived here!!!
  7. yea just leave em on a window sill till next week or under lights if u got them
  8. we already planted em yesterday lmfao yesterday was sooo jokes pure stonnery .. we planted em and we were each chillen with a BIG j jus smokin and planting weed it was great
  9. Nice well happy growing!
  10. Thank you; actually funny story I put the seed in, and we are already on our ass from ALOT of stonery <-- (don't you love that word?) anyways "Chronikkk" takes the shovel and just stabs the seed and im like OMGWTFBBQ and then he just freaked out and looked for it.. we didn't find it, but hell maybe we will find a plant:p

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