So pissed. Why'd they do this to me?

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by DurbanPoison, May 29, 2006.

  1. I had been waiting for months for the announcement for who was going to take the secret slot at Ozzfest... any of you know who?

    Those Swine Avenge Sevenfold. What the hell? I expect it to be some awesome, older band. Metallica perhaps? But no. Instead, they pull this bullshit on us.

    Oh well. System of a Down and Disturbed will be there... so that more than makes up for it.
  2. what bitches my 12 bumps
  3. My friends goin and im so jealous cause Disturbeds playin and i think Korns gonna be there to
  4. dude are you kidding me?

    avenged sevenfold is so much better than new metallica. when cliff died metallica started sucking each other balls, thus the music sounds like it. its gay. and horrible. this coming form their at one time number 1 fan.

    edit. i saw that you "rationalized" by realizing that disturbed would be there. if you like disturbed i could see how you wouldnt like sevenfold. thats all im gonna say.
  5. What the fuck is wrong with A7X....I agree with scooby 100%
  6. I will have no dissing of the sevenfold on these boards I will fight you till the death with a rusty spoon if need be.
  7. avenged sevenfold once was good with badass riffs but their new singer sucks and theyve gotten to poppy, although they do maintain their badass riffs... there are alot better metalcore bands than sevenfold like:

    Agony Scene
    Darkest Hour
    Dead To Fall
    It Dies Today
    Bleeding Through

    but thats just me

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