So Pissed!!! Never Trust A Dealer You Dont Know

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  1. so today im chillin with my friends and i get a call from this one drug dealer. hes a friend of a friend of a friend or something, i dont even know. i meet up with him and tell him i want a quarter, hes like okay. so he tells me to give him my money, im like wtf no.. b/c he was in a car. and hes like I DROVE ALL THE WAY OUT HERE WE'RE GONNA FUCKIN KICK YOUR ASS, and he had like 4 pretty big guys, doesnt matter how big they are 4 v 1, ill lose. so im like wtf.. whatever so i throw him my 80$, and he fucking gave me this. THATS LIKE 4 GRAMS TOPS, i should at least be happy he didnt drive away, im so mad!


  2. Weigh it out just to be sure
  3. Looks like more than 4grams. You weigh it? Sucks none the less.
  4. no scale, but best case senario its like 5 grams, and i know i called the guy back im like dude fuck u i want my money back, hes like no no its realy good weed, it will get you so fucked up! i know his bro pretty well so i hope i get my money back
  5. is the guy an older guy than you
  6. hes ateast 10 years older than me, and plus he had 3 other friends with him
  7. that looks like straight fifty, and at $80 a quater, u got ur ass ripped son. But it happens to us all sooner or later. Just gotta keep the ppl that u fuck with close.
  8. damn does he lift
  9. Damn,that sounds like one hell of a sketchy situation.Yeah,I say find a new dealer man.You can't put yourself in dangerous situations like that,or you'll end up worse then you were after this incident,straight up.
  10. idk i didnt check him out lol, but doesnt really matter if he does or not because he was pretty big (idk if its muscle or fat), and me vs 4 other guys = my ass kicked.
  11. yeahhhh i know, i usualy buy from my friend but hes in korea for like 3 weeks, so ive been chillin with this kids bro who i bought from, he was cool and all so i just trusted his bro
  12. yea i hear that, muscle weighs more than fat bro!

    :smoking: :smoking: :smoking:
  13. Yeah sometimes i have to go through friends of friends. I never get ripped off though, thank god. Sorry to hear about your ordeal. I don't understand why people scam each other over weed.
  14. what!?!? lol ok ive been very nice and havent said anything, and participated in one of your threads. but dude, lol now i gotta ask. WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU RAMBLING ABOUT LOL!!! omg ur posts are so damn random!!! :confused::confused::confused::confused: im lost haha fill me in, please alex!!
  15. cuz ayebody juz tryna get that cream kid
  16. its 7 bro, trust me, im pretty good at looking at bud and mind weighing it lol. all i know is i talked to a kid for the first time last week and he told me he sold ounces of dro for 200 (ounces around here for for 350) and the kid was at my house the next day with 4 kids in the car and gave me 28.4 of some real dro for 200.
  17. i dont get what your asking? it is a fact muscle weighs more than fat. actually its in the movie "heavyweights"
  18. ok no offense but now its just getting annoying. stop dude. btw that sucks that u got ripped man hope it works out better for u next deal, but not with him i assume
  19. thats why the first time u buy from someone you always buy a gram. iono works for me. most situations involving quarters and unknown dealers is usualy sketchy. i just go with grams and work up from there
  20. dont know what your talking about con artist

    muscle weighs more than fat.

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