So one of my old professors tried to trick me into joining a pyramid scheme.

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    Somehow my old chemistry professor from the fall semester called me and asked me to meet with him one on one to talk about a global business. So I met him the following day and he ended up presenting to me a typical pyramid scheme business I rejected his offer to join. I am deciding wether or not I should report this to my university because I believe this is a huge invasion of privacy and very unfair that this professor is trying to take advantage of young college students into a joining his pyramid schemes. What should I do GC? Thanks in advance.
  2. TP his house
  3. Troll him irl

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  4. steal his pants
  5. Step 1:Collect underpants
    Step 2:?????
    Step 3: Profit!
  6. Absolutely report him.
  7. Using his position of power to benefit his wallet? Report his ass. Fuck that.
  8. the economy is built on a pyramid scheme so you're already part of one
    fuck this guy he deserves to be fired
  10. Report his ass OP.....if you don't then you ain't a real blade!
  11. Blackmail him

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  12. No doubt blackmail... If he doesn't give you what you want then report His ass!
  13. ...if you attempt to blackmail him... you are no better. I'd be honest with him and say you didn't appreciate the offer, in fact you resented it. Tell him he should stop or someone could be inclined to report his activity.

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  14. Yeah, I agree with blackmail.
  15. This, I work at a bar for some extra cash and a bunch of people have fallen for this scheme. I tired to tell them it's a pyramid scheme but they all went on about how it's fool proof because you're working in pools so everyone gets a cut.

    All it takes is a convincing person to sell it, and as a professor he's both trusted and respected such that you would naturally be inclined to meet with him and discuss it. I'd approach him and tell him your feelings on it and let him know if he doesn't stop approaching people about it you'll report him.

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  16. Take more of the classes he teaches, then blackmail him for A's and don't go to class. If he fails you, report him and you could easily get the F's removed if you can prove he is corrupt. If you decide you are better than blackmailing him, just report him. Either way you win.
  17. +1 for blackmail! Beat him at his own game

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  18. Yes, report this!
  19. report him

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