So Obama wasn't all he was cracked up to be huh?

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    Just goes to show that in politics you have to sell out to make it. I like the guy but that whole yes we can vibe hasn't really held up. I mean not much has changed. I guess it's just business as usual.
  2. Anyone who believed Obama was going to wave his arms and automatically fix all the problems of our country is certified retarded; this includes those who voted for him expecting it, as well as those on the other side of the aisle who bash him for not having done so.

    Gee, these comments sound nothing like people were saying about Bush in 2005. Nothing.
  4. This is a very vague accusation. What specifically hasn't he done? He can not sign a bill congress hasn't passed.
    Very true. I certainly didn't think my world would be significantly changed after the first 100 days, and possibly not even after his first term.
    They sure do. The losing party will always look for a reason to say "I told ya so."
  5. All of this talk is media propoganda. They are just looking for the next best story to print and "Obama Sucks" sells.

    How can you even be positive there was a recession and not just media stories?

    Op.. I would like to flame you but I won't however I have to say I disagree.

  6. Well put.
  7. 1. I agree entirely.

    2. There are many very real indicators of the recession. The one closest to home is the non-profit i work for. We have seen an increase of about $8,000 in financial aid we are giving patrons each month. More people qualifying because of being fired/ laid off. We have been in a serious financial struggle leading to lay-offs, cutbacks, and no employee raises or hiring.

    The national unemployment level, housing market value, and lack of credit are other painfully real indicators of of economic downturn.
  8. I thought he was going to wave his arms and a big disco ball would descend from the clouds and we would party eternally. What a disappointment. :(

  9. If at least it wasn't created by the media how do we know it didn't make it worse? I'm not sayingnit did or didn't but people get worried and stop spending when all they see is "Were entering a recession!" which in turn messes up the economy more.
  10. Yes even though the downturn is real, i agree the media props up fear. That can lead to more people putting their money under the bed.

    I gotta say tho, saving your money is the smart move even if you aren't helping to turn the economy.
  11. What the hell is wrong with you people?

    He isn't doing anything differently from Bush other than not looking like a dumb ass...

    Bushian foreign policy? check
    Bushian economic policy? check
    Bushian erosion of civil liberties? check
    Bushian expansion of government power? check

    And it's true, we're no longer in a recession, we're in a depression. Same unemployment numbers as the First Great Depression, worse debt liabilities though and a worthless dollar! We're so fucked. :mad:
  12. Obama has carried over a lot of Bush's policy that don't require Congress to write a bill. Such as, continuing the war in Afghanistan and Iraq, CIA 'death squads', bombing civilians in Afghanistan and Iraq, he's continuing Bush's drug policy, and he's spending more money than Bush.
  13. But he's black, and liberal, so its different. :rolleyes:
  14. YOU ARE A RACIST:wave:
  15. OP is very vague... I mean I don't like virtually anything he's done, but I think one should make their criticisms more specific.

    At least say you don't like his position on a certain topic, like marijuana legalization, gay marriage, borderline creepy support for AIPAC, support of FISA, use of "secret police" to spy on opposing political groups, indefinitely holding former Gitmo inmates without trial, continuing the Bush policy of extraordinary rendition, refusal to try to prosecute anyone from the Bush administration, voting for Bailout 1, passing Bailout 2, voting for the Patriot Act, continuing to raid MMJ dispensaries after saying DEA would no longer do so, continuing the war on drugs in the same fashion with the same stated goals as always or, finally , continuing the War in Afghanistan in the same manner with the same goals as the previous administration.

    Obama is an exceptional puppet. He has the built-in defense of labeling anyone a backwards racist if you disagree with his ways. Bush did not have that luxury, nor did he have most of the media trying to sexually please him at every turn. Obama gets a free pass for basically being a half-black, more articulate version of Bush.

    What, specifically, does the OP not like about Obama? You should at least say where he has fallen short of your expectations, and not just express a vague dislike of the guy.
  16. Its funny all you have to do is promise change, and lie about everything you said you were going to do, then you become president! Wonderful how it works, and gets the people everytime, I saw bitches crying at the innauguration and shit, so emotional, what change has he brought now, do you like it, is it for the better, or is it for controlling you and conditioning you for the century of 'change', beurocracies aren't the half of whats to come!, shit we are seriously fucked with people waking up this late. Good job on realizing that tho. Congratufuckinglations!
  17. obamas a fucking idiot

  18. To me, this isn't a partisan issue, this same bullshit probably would have happened had we elected McCain.

    This is why I never registered to vote, this system we have in this country is just a veil to cover the bullshit our political system is made of.

    Now let's recount our past elections in recent times.

    Bush Sr: Lied about his tax policy, furthered an unjust crusade against people who commit a victimless crime

    Clinton: Got blown in his office and then proceeded to lie to a grand jury about it, even though getting blown by your secretary isn't a crime and lying to a jury is.

    Bush Jr: Lied to start a war with Iraq, helped bankrupt the US financial system, destroyed many American civil rights, furthered the extent of the drug war.

    Obama: Has so far gotten almost nothing done, wasted trillions of dollars in stimulous packages and drove the country deeper into debt, will probably end up breaking his promises of no middle class tax increases.

    Hmm.....I think I see a pattern here!

    Not once in my entire lifetime have I ever seen a political candidate that was actually worth voting for, all of them are fucking cheats and liars and will continue to be until the people actually want to stop being fucking ignorant and blindly supporting political leaders simply based on what party they more identify with.

    The country needs to stop accepting this fucking corruption as another part of the political process and show these fuckers that their bullshit will no longer be accepted; but I fear we're past that point, the people simply accept everything as a given and believe they have no responsibility to help keep their way of life the same for their children.

    Most of the people who live in this country in this day and age are simply selfish pricks who live in the moment, it may end up being our downfall sadly.
  19. Whats steps have you or do you recommend be taken? I don't think simply not voting will do anything, but take what small say i do have away.
  20. When I see a legitimate candidate that I geniunely support is the day i'll vote, until then i'm not going to vote for the same stupid bullshit that i've been seeing year after year because it's the only choice presented to me.

    The people need to start voting based on politics, not on what color and animal someone uses as their symbol, the two party system our country has is one of the main problems we have right now, people don't want to put forth the effort to research candidates before they just cast a fucking vote for something they really don't care that much about.

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