So my little sister's pregnant.

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  1. And I really dont kno what to say right now.

    Like I came home and my moms was flippin on my sis and my bro was yellin his brains off. I jus told my sis in law why they were yellin at her and she's like your sis pregnant.

    I didnt yell at her or say anything I jus saw her crying, I went in my room, packed a bowl and got faded outside and watch the rain fall.

    Like we dont kno for sure if she is or not cause one test came out positive and one negative. But its like almost a guarantee that she is cause the negative one was a cheap CVS one and the other one was like the one where in the commercial its like the best pregnancy test you can pee on. That one was the positive. So like my moms bounced to like the store and my bro is here jus chillin to they get back cause they went to the emergency room cause its a huge deal i guess.

    Idk if I should be mad at her cause like she 17 and like really stupid to be having a baby or if I should feel sorry cause I really thought she was smarter than that you kno? Like we was jus clowing bout her friend who always thought she was pregnant and then you come out with you pregnant.

    Then comes the dude that might have done it lives in fuckin San Diego. So yeaa she dumb. When the time comes that we meet this dude. There's a 100% chance Im gonna kick his ass. Cause I seen these fool when he came I remember his fuckin face with his stupid smirk.

    Yeaa so anyways I'm jus ranting. I guess people jus make mistakes.
  2. you really shouldnt beat the kids ass.. your sister contributed into making that baby. your gonna have suck up your feelings and support your sister as much as you can. she's probably scared, sad, and every other negative feeling in the world and she needs someone to be there for her. be that person.
  3. alrite bro. this is fate, i gotta respond.

    Im 18.

    Last monday, a girl that i havent talked to in a month and a half told me she is pregnant, sure enough, im the dad.

    now, i was beyond hammered and probably ripped who knows when i fucked her without a domer, because "i cant get pregnant" and " my doctor told me so". so i figure.. she cant? well... turns out you cant trust women.

    well, she told me that she was getting it taken care of on friday. that was last friday. i said id go with her but she said no, i said are you sure? she said well, id be more comfortable if you came, so i said obviously im coming. so i went and like.. paid for it, that was awkward as shit but i just put money in her purse.

    man, please. dont say your gonna kick the dudes ass. if he was raised by any kind of good parent or has any morals, he is feeling horrible right now to.

    it didnt hit me to hard til after but i did later that night after drinking have like a panic attack for my first time, i couldnt breath and like started crying and shit, thinking about it.

    I dont know, please be the one who stands by your sister cause shit happens you know, I had no idea how many abortions get done until i went there and saw a full waiting room of people, constantly in and out, it is very sad but it is the way of life in a lot of places. If your sister is having the baby, she is going to need someone to stand by her because this girl was 10 weeks and she was so emotional and hormonal man, they need support!!

    be a MAN and help your sister out.

    im really high.
  4. LOL I had a similar situation occur recently. Not similar but related topics I guess.

  5. yeaa i kno the dudes really chill like we talked when he waited for her and he like a lil raver. But whats trippin me out is that throughout this whole day I've been blazin with my her. Like at one point she would jus turn to me and say yo I'm pregnant. I guess I'm jus like damn she didnt tell ME first? you kno?
  6. yeh man i feel you, i was in a similar situation a couple years back with my sister. im telling you know that its gonna be hard but you gata be strong for your sister, your family and yourself
  7. dude your sis probably didnt tell ya because she was scared of what you would say, just support her

  8. Naw she aint gonna get rid of it. One thing we were taught was take whatever life throws at you. Kinda like the follow cause our dad told us it before he left. Im with you bro :smoking:

    I always got her back and she knos that already

  9. Aboooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooort. They need a button you can push that makes it simple.
  10. If you're worrying that this child won't have a good life due to the fact your sister's too young and financially deficient, then you have the oppurtunity to convince her otherwise. It's a more noble thing to do in terms of longevity.

    I'm only trying to help.

  11. shutup.
  12. Fuck no I won't shutup. You can't successfully live life with a child at the age of 17. Your sister may as well be killing herself, this will change her life so much.

    anyone who tells anyone to 'shutup' over the internet is more likely then not a stupid cretin, so I never follow their advice.;)
  13. Punch her in the stomach. it's the only solution.
  14. I live in san diego! lets rough him up a tad bit.
  15. See, you understand. Thank you. Someone post the falcon punch thing.

  16. That's fucked up. I'm prochoice and all that good shit, but domestic violence of any kind is never cool. Especially when it's a joke about his fucking sister. Time and place, my friend.
  17. It's a joke, settle down. I enjoyed it thoroughly.
  18. is your house 1 story or 2 story?
  19. This whole thread has made me fucking sick.
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    i was pregnant at 17.

    she's going through a rough time right now, she's probably confused, a million-bajillion things are running through her mind, emotions are soaring, etc. the best thing you could do is sit down and talk to her. a legit conversation.

    i was in a really fucked up situation, but i learned a lot. i wasn't able to have the child... but things happen in Life. We learn and develop then move on.

    good luck, :smoking:

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