So my girlfriend is going to join the Navy, not sure how I feel.

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  1. I'm anti war/military and she decides to join the Navy.

    We have been apart for awhile because of school. But, yeah.

    I'm confused on what I should really do...
  2. Spending 6 monts+ on a ship at sea with like 900 other men???
    Her pussy is going to be fucking wrecked when her ship sails. Better enjoy that sweet piece while you can.
  3. ill hit you so you're ready when it happens.....its over for you two..dont get too attach bro..its okay too love and care for someone but always know they will split one day..
  4. thats right...even if she dont give it up herself she will probably get raped..
  5. I've been with this girl for well over a year and them some. Then she tells me, I'm going to join the Navy tomorrow.

    She knows I'm against war....why?

    Man. Feelings suck.
  6. Put it in her butt
  7. She is going to love all the hard pounding action from big strong men.
  8. Got you beat already man....
  9. only a year???come on people been breaking up with eachother forever i seen people been together for 10plus years break up without any rhyme or a way she is looking out for her future she already knows its without you...
  10. This one is easy bro, break up with her, doing otherwise would be very beta of you.
  11. Does she have friends? The day she ships out you should be balls deep into her best friend.
  12. lolololol
  13. Man, you're a fucking genius
  14. ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1390636074.200254.jpg Helloooooo sailor!
  15. This one is done son. Get as much pussy as you can cuz your about to reset In The pussy game homie.
  16. Lol think about it OP..if she wanted to be with you, why would she join the navy, putting as much distance as possible between the two of you?
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    Name a person that is FOR war? I'm against war, but I'll fucking destroy any Nation that attacks mine, or my people..... so maybe she has just grown tired of your boyish unrealistic fantasies about peace and bullshit and decided to serve her Nation. Or maybe she wants to fuck a real man. A warrior..... then again she is probably a lesbian since she joined the NAVY....
    Boats and hoes, boats and hoes...gotta get her some boats and hoes.

    And maybe she isn't doing it"to you".... maybe she is doing it FOR HER!
  18. Most women in the military just bang everyone... That's what everyone who's in the military have told me lmaoSent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  19. No wonder u love her so much
  20. these replies are harsh but maybe its the truth, and the truth hurts

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