So my girlfriend accidently sent nude pics to the wrong email

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  1. Yeah.

    I just went off to college and we are like 6 hours from eachother. So we both invested in a webcam so we could see eachother while we talked.
    Well we ended up doin a little bit of this and that, next thing you know she sends about 10 pictures to an email that was one letter off of mine. Now the pictures are out in the open and whoever she sent it to can do what he/she wants.

    She feels like complete shit and I feel really bad for her also.
    Is there anything I can do or say to cheer her up?:(
  2. With how many emails people make these days it was most likely sent to either a unused or invalid email or someone who wouldn't take the effort to post them anywhere online.
  3. IF it were me reciving the Email, i would assume its Spam Virus shit and deleat it
  4. tell her if she loves her body (you have to tell her how much you love it) she shouldn't worry if a few guys drool over it, whats done is done. be happy it didn't go to you parents email for some unknown reason.
  5. that is what i was thinking
  6. send a whole bunch of naked pictures to a random email least that way youll be in the same boat?
  7. lmao :D
  8. Alright, I'll give them back.

    Just this one time though.
  9. damn

    thats your girlfriend?

    just playin ;)
  10. agreed.
    atleast it wasnt sent to a parent or something. And it was probly a unused email anyways, like somone said.
  11. if it's an unused address, then in a day or so she'll get a message back saying that her email was undeliverable.
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    If she's not famous(yet) and the person who gets it doesn't know her, I don't think anything can happen.

    That's IF it gets delivered and that email is actually checked.

    I told my last girl not to make any digital pics or vids. It just causes too much trouble if she does it on a regular basis. I guess a webcam is OK if you don't record it.

    Good luck with your girl. It's not gonna be easy since you're far away. Long distance tends to bring out flaws in the relationship that are otherwise 'covered up' by physical attraction. This can be a good thing but be prepared.
  13. yeah anybody who knows or posts on the ghetto

    is aware that pictures like that will end up somewhere in a guys porn folder
  14. Get the email she sent it to, and start senidng randomn nude pics you find on the web. make it look like spam so then theyll just delete all of it including the origina photos. theyll assume its all spam. thats probably your best bet if the account is actually used by somebody.
  15. haha +rep for the needed question mark :p
  16. well . . .

    someone out there will be ejoying her femanine figure

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