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so my bud made people trip

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by lil leg, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. So i bought a quad and when i smoked with 6 of my freinds we where all having a good time but like a hour later my one freind got really quiet and pale and jst started tweaking we where all fine. Then today another one of my freinds started tweaking too it was weird. Has this ever happend to anyone?
  2. Only with spice. Sounds like low blood sugar - I.E. not eating.

    Doubt it's a trip, daily smoker for 2+ years, tripped 3 times this week. Nothing alike.
  3. Sounds like laced bud
  4. We biked for 10 miles a few hours earlier and didnt eat might have been it
  5. Low Blood Sugar

    Happens to me sometimes.
  6. [quote name='"Arckaic"']Low Blood Sugar

    Happens to me sometimes.[/quote]

    Your avatar....I'm dying
  7. I'm dying cuz you're dying lmao
  8. whos dying?
  9. Chances are that neither you, anyone you know, or anyone THEY know has ever met anyone has ever smoked laced bud. That shit is so unbelievably, stupidly rare that you should look at realistic causes first and foremost.

    I've been smoking for 11 years, know people who've been smoking for 50, and never met anyone who has ever met anyone who knows anyone has ever had laced bud. Yeah, it has surely happened, but in all seriousness, there is no chance of your bud being laced.

    Apply some thought. "Just started tweaking out" doesn't describe anything. Be more specific. If it was that serious, you should have visited a doctor.
  10. Probably just had a greeny
  11. That doesn't sound like any trip I've had.
  12. #12 burtontoker, Nov 24, 2011
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    Sounds like paranoia and anxiety. Some strains give out these affects more than others. I really like, and prefer indicas, because they give you more of the body stone (which is what I love) without the mind games and mind fucking trips. Strong sativas can fuck with peoples head and make them anxious and paranoid (this explains why sativas are more of a "head high"), indicas can too, but generally indicas give you the "coutch-lock" effect and just make you feel good without all the anxiety and paranoia, which is why I prefer them.

    I try to buy weed that puts me on my ass where I'm almost drooling, just from the euphoria, and I feel awesome and have no anxiety, but I've also bought some weed that really made me uncomfortable and have very paranoid thoughts, so its usually the strain.

    Smoke less next time, sometimes less is better.
  13. Everybody, we all live to die. :smoke:

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