So my birthday is Dec 25th

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  1. Idk why but I just wanted to share that. Usually I can't do too much on my birthday cuz everyone is with their family celebrating the holidays.... so I guess ill just ask you guys what should I do? Should I get twisted tonight? High+drunk for those who don't know(also going through a break up so I'm not sure the alcohol is a good idea but fuck it whatever I should enjoy myself right). Turning 19 btw :D
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  2. Smoke a little, spend time with family, talk with friends, and be thankful for all of that.
    Enjoy the day, and be happy. Best of what you can do man.

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  3. December birthdays suck.
  4. I've always wondered how that'd be. Are your birthday presents the same as your Christmas? :(
  5. Mine's 12/21. I don't care anymore but as a kid it sucked knowing friends had their birthdays in the summer.

    Those lucky bastards got presents every ~6 months I only got them pretty much once a year.

    Though I did get a bunch of presents, wait few days and get a bunch more so it wasn't that bad. Only during the summer. :laughing:

    A little off topic I know I'm just saying.

    OP get drunk and high. I do it every night. I'm a bit of an alcoholic.

    No need to give this mix of drugs a name, pretty dumb/high school shit imo.
  6. happy birthday mutha fucka!, woah your birthday is on christmas lets all care!
  7. yeah having a birthday within a month of christmas kinda sucked as a kid but i could really care less now.
    i'm january 15th.
  8. Did you know that Jesus' birthday was December 25th as well?

  9. Yeah I don't care for the presents part cuz I have everything I want/need so literally I don't even want any gifts.

    Now that I think of it yeah its pretty dumb to give the mix a name but when people know what it is its just easy to say one name instead of explaining to do both lol.

    I'm not Christian so I don't celebrate Christmas I guess you still haven't gotten your answer for that lol.

    I'm not Christian and even I know that is false. Dec 25th was the day he was "crucified".... I put it in quotes because I don't believe in any of it... Not to offend anyone that's just my belief.
  10. Happy Christmas, Stride, and a Merry Birthday, too! :wave:

  11. Happy birthday blade! This bowls for you!:D
  12. [quote name='"underahoneymoon"']December birthdays suck.[/quote]

    Dont say that! My nephews was born 4 days ago. Hes not goin to have any shitty bdays if uncle chef brad has any say
  13. Happy birthday / merry Christmas !!!!
  14. Rare as fuck.

    Happy christday
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    One of my friends has a december birthday. So knowing that it can be a pain in the ass, last year, we threw him a half birthday. Definitely surprised him. It took him a minute to actually get in to the birthday spirit since it really wasn't his birthday, but we had cake, presents, and alcohol... that did the trick after a while. He was lettin everyone know that it was his half birthday.

    Edit: Happy Birthday op!
  16. My birthday is the 16 dec. It makes no difference to me, i get fuck all for either.
  17. Basically means your Jesus I think.
  18. And it's my belief that Jesus, Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy were born on Dec 25th. Not to offend anyone.

    Why don't you just move your birthday to January 5th or whenever your friends get back to town? What do you think people who were born on Leap Year Day do? Only have one birthday every four years? No, no. That would be nonsensical. Otherwise I'd only be five and a half years old.:eek:

    Seriously, man. Don't let that asshole Jesus take away the sanctity that is your birthday.
  19. ^^well dude a belief and what is deemed as true are totally different things.

    And thanks to all the blades who wished me a happy birthday :)

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