So.. munchies? What's everyone's favorite food to snack on stoned

Discussion in 'General' started by oTDAWGo, Mar 5, 2016.

  1. I think my favorite is cereal.

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  2. Gotta be pho.
  3. Grilled pb&j. Like a grilled cheese, but with pb&j.

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  4. Coffee, if that counts
  5. I can eat like a thousand pizza lunchables/hotpockets/minis. Coconut water is also yummy when I get dehydrated and those single serve grapefruit cups that are already sliced for you in grapefruit juice mmm.. not to mention steak bacon bags of shrimp cold pb n j, hot cheetos, doritos, ruffles, lays, fritos, pizza, pussy
  6. I usually just grab whatever I'm around, but cool ranch Doritos are pretty good. I've also come up with some tasty desserts while stoned. The first is Swiss rolls with peanut butter on top, with a pinch of salt (note to self: use natural pb and sprinkle abv for a kickass edible). The second on I can remember is an oatmeal cream pie on top of a star crunch.
  7. Yes. Eat that.

    Twice. :)
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  8. Pita chips with hummus

    Fried rice



    Apple Fritters/Glazed Donuts

    Banana pancakes

  9. Might seem an odd combination, but ice cream with a cup of tea. :biggrin:
  10. I love cereal and any food that is unhealthy is fun to munch on stoned. you know, the sweets and good stuff that people on diets tend to avoid
  11. 20161204_15_28_49.jpeg it's a pain in the ass to make but bacon wrapped egg and cheese sandwich, mmm so worth the effort
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  12. Tater tots. Like every time, Tater Tots. If it's not tots, it's eggo waffles.
  13. Liquid bread
  14. How you do that? You still use butter to or?


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