So Master P walks into my store today.....

Discussion in 'General' started by Wykid, Jun 11, 2006.

  1. I seen Eshams "WOO WOO" on BET before.
  2. I aient never seen it.

    But that dont suprise me.

    BET always throws in some underground shit in. But aient like he on it all the time, Ive personally never even seen it on there.
  3. I watch BET on the regular and I've never seen or heard of Esham on there.
  4. this was back when "repentance" droped, they only played it a handfull of times....but i would like to take this oppourtunity to say FUCK BET! it used to be cool, they played shit that MTV was scared to play....THEN...Little Brother comes out with a new video...and guess what? the video is "too smart for BETs viewers" (BETs words, not mine).

  5. I smoke with 50 cent on the regular............................................................................
  6. You mean you let him butt fuck you while you try to explain your pot really is dank even though no one cares.

    Im a valet so I park some famous peoples' cars (golfers, football players) They usually dont get treated to different, but they usually have a nice car so it gets put close and by itself.
  7. yeah, i didnt treat him any differently, in fact i didnt even talk to him till i helped him get some shoes cause my lazy ass manager didnt want to. lmao :smoking:
  8. that's bad ass man, Ghetto D is a fuckin classic!
  9. haha yeah fuck that shit. fuck bet.
  10. I saw Natalie Portman in a deli i didnt know who she was but she was infront of me in line at the check out and when i was next in line the guy was like "woah that was natalie portman." i had to look her up. shes the person that played the princess in the newer starwars movies.

  11. ya 50 loves my weed, you vw driving faggot.

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