So Master P walks into my store today.....

Discussion in 'General' started by Wykid, Jun 11, 2006.


    haha, P.Miller walks into my store (a big mens store) and buys some big shirts for himself. haha.

    nothing really exciting, but when he left i told him "tell bow wow to stop talking all that shit!" and he laughed and took off. lmao.

    just thought id share. :smoking::wave:
  2. I also saw human beings today
  3. You fer real?

    P's the shit. I wanna smoke with that fool.
  4. Haha... that's dope bro.
  5. haha yea. we was riding in a caddy escalade with some dubs. off white exterior with a caramel interior.

    i woulda asked him for a pic or something, but i didnt wanna hassle him, they just humans like us....just with a lot of money, fans and bitches. :eek: lmao

    hoast....good for you. ive also seen humans today....fat ones.:rolleyes:
  6. Sweet......Max Weinberg came into my store a few days ago. Bruce Springstein and Bon Jovi are also regulars.
  7. nice...what store?
  8. i see boxes at work :)
  9. Max Weinburg is freaking awesome...wouldn't mind meeting him.
  10. hes a janitor for gucci:p

  11. you mean shes a janitor for gucci? :D
  12. I'd definately want to smoke with Master P. I'd be like P, pass me the green I need some weed with my hennessy.
  13. I see Esham on the regular.
  14. man, esham did the hatchet dirty.....does anyone know why he REALLY left psychopathic?
  15. Because he didnt want to be involved with Pyschopaths.

    Hey lets go buy black parachute pants and put like 15 chains on 'em!!
  16. :love: wykid:love:

    I work at Borders! I didn't get to meet him (when famous people come in we treat em like anyone i couldn't go up and chat or anything) but everyone who came in contact with him kept sayin how cool he was.

  17. this came from

    Unfortunate News
    October 21, 2005

    We here at Psychopathic Records are sorry to report that Esham has left the label. We've known Esham for 15 years dating back to 1990. Esham is both a legend and a hero to us at Psychopathic having paved the way for us early in the Detroit underground rap scene. Esham was with Psychopathic for the last 3 years and together we are straight up honored to have worked with him. Esham's decision to leave Psychopathic was a career move and nothing more. It was nothing personal, and there was no fall out or anything like that. It's no bullshit when we say we wish him the best and we'll always be his homies far beyond business. Everybody knows Psychopathic records is all about the fam, and Esham is family, which goes far beyond the label putting out your music. Much love to Esham.
  18. ok....well that totally contradicts what E is sayin on here:

    personally i could give to shakes of a rats ass, but i mean, if E and ICP go way back, why would E say some shit like this? i dunno....i just wanna hear the tempest to see if MEC put that "spark" back into ICP.
  19. Esham is so fuckin different then all Psyhcopathic Records artists.

    Esham is a straight fucking gang banger. Used to be a big time coke slanger. Hes a fucking crack baby. Hes as real as it gets.

    Alot of Pshychopathic Records artists got nothing on Esham.

    Esham is the real deal and led the way for many people.

    And hes never hit mainstream.

    Never hear him on the radiio, Never on tv.

    Jus out in the streets puttin his work in, Or from gettin his cd's from fools hustlin out they trunks. Undergroud shit.

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