So lets say we bring the boys home.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by SouthrnSmoke, May 16, 2011.

  1. I hear a lot of arguments about bringing the troops home. Probably about 90 percent of them have to do with the benefits of respecting other nations boundaries, the expenses of the war, the morality of killing in the name of safety and a number of others that are related.

    What i don't see included in many arguments, is all the positive things we can do with an army that is not constantly fighting wars.

    Of the top of my head i think of the military engineers, military scientists, and military doctors, and using their knowledge and learning to improve the fuctions of government at home. (a small one preferably) Not to mention the fact that in return for their service, we would be training soldiers to do jobs that are of high value in the private/civilian world.

    Shouldn't we be paying them to do something besides just kill? Does all of our defense budget REALLY have to go to one time use destruction tools?

    I guess my question is, is there anyone out there who agrees with me, or can think of other good ways to use the military if we were to stop our constant warfare?

    To my fellow anarchist/libertarians out there, i know using government/military is a scarey thought, but i'm more or less posing this question from the viewpoint of the majority of people who think we need the state, and need constant war.

  2. i think the money we spend on the military can be used to build instead of destroy. i am not a libertarian but i know that one country doesnt need to spend almost as much as the rest of the world put together on military especially when diplomatic and economic power can be used to achieve the same goals.

    and especially when we are fighting 21st century wars using 20th century strategy.

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