so last night i found out i got cheated on...

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  1. so i wake up to find out my girlfriend just cheated on me with her old ex boyfriend she went to a party with last night. 3 of my friends were there and they saw the whole thing going down but since i had to work late i couldnt go and i went straight to bed when i got home. i was in total shock and completely heartbroken when i found this out and to find out it was one of your good buddies back in the day really pissed me off. so this entire afternoon ive been in such a bad emotional wreck state of mind untill i finally decided i aught to start packing bowl pack after bowl pack in my bong. it really calmed me down and makes me feel like i almost don't even care. im really amazed in how marijuana can make the absolute worse news in the world turn into nothing happend at all. i wonder'd if anyone else has ever had the same sorta feeling. i guess i can always depend oon my favorite girl marrry jane
  2. Good on ya man, fuck bitches get high?
  3. Yup, the first time I found out I got cheated on, I smoked up and went from wanting to kill myself to ":DDewdIgotCheatedonLolz"
  4. Oh I feel the same.
    When I smoke it makes some of the most upsetting moments seem so trivial and unimportant in the larger scale of things, which indeed they are. Then when I'm back in the real world I realize how bad it really is and how much it really hurts.

    So I drift off again :smoke:
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    totally feel you man

    i just got out of some bull shit where i got lied to and cheated on for more than a year.
    she cheated on me with her ex and also my so called friend... this is the second time one of my gfs has cheated on me with the same guy.

    and all i been doin is smokin and listenin to upbeat music
    now im just sittin here thinkin "damn youre a nasty slut."
    and i already found someone im interested in that helps me no thtink of it as much
    have a party or something, surround yourself with friends.
  6. thank you so much GC you guys fuckiing rock. you guys are my friends to talk with im glad that we can all relate that shitty moments are fixed by gettin baked:smoke:
  7. :smoke:
    :eek::confused:WTF? y u still got that punk around you!!?:smoke:
  8. I wish I could get baked but I'm dry until the end of the growing season. :(
  9. speaking of this my grow is going extremely well if only i can get my camera back from the cunt i would be able to update ya with how lovely my 10 babies are doing:smoke:
  10. nope he moved to florida a month or two ago.
    and i didnt talk to him for a year the first time.
  11. sorry to hear the news dude, but remember that while mj may help take the edge off initially, you still have to get over this in reality, which you can do, in time.
  12. wish this asshole didnt live near me. hes only town over and my ex slut girlfriend lives just across the river so its complete bullshit >:O but whatever ill get over it by next week when i cant remember why i dont talk to that cunt any more haha:smoke:
  13. she needed a real man.
    nah im just kidding that's shitty did you discuss it with her yet?
  14. blunts>cunts
  15. There's nothing to discuss, she's a whore.
  16. Man... That's really messed up, but just forget about her. You got 99 problems but a bitch ain't one, man.
  17. :confused:wtf?...see below...

    xcept gettin' his camera & other stuff back...
  18. i really couldnt of said it any better. she is more concerend on how many guys she can get at one time. shes a genuine attention whore. i really dunno what to do like i still love her but i dont think its worth getting back together. once a cheater always a cheater right?
  19. damn that sounds just like my ex.
  20. yeah I'm smoking a bowl after my ex and i had a big fight, im just trying to calm myself down a abit

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