so i've started my field

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Stoned_Stupid, Jun 8, 2004.

  1. well i finaly got some seeds, and i'm getting ready to plant. i'm growing outside in a field, well hidden. i've started germinating 25 seeds. so now i have to clean my area and get some soil. ill try to get some pics of my progress, and if anyone has any tips just let me know.
  2. some pictures would be great :)
  3. tips on growing outdoors?

    use mulch (dried grass around the base of your plant so it stays moist)
    dont use buckets unless dirt is bad

    mix in some compost when you plant those compost is great for plants

    if there are deer put human hair around or dead deer around so they dont eat your buds

    make sure they get lots of sun

    cover tools and stuff if you plan on leaving them at the spot too many people around here leave tools and stuff in the middle of the woods like no one will know whats going on

    hmm now that i think of it compost might attract animals to dig up your plants you might want a second opinion on that one but its always been fine for me

    remember, good roots= good plant
    great roots=great plant!
  4. yeah the mulch may not work, but i'm also putting 2 foot fencing around my garden to keep those pesky rabbits out.

    i'm going to get some pics asap, this should be a good grow.

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