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    ... since I have taken a benzo. Some people might know that I've been abusing benzo's off and on for a few years. Recently I started taking them everyday; not for recreation but for medical purposes.

    So here I am after about 5 or so months of daily use. It is very important to note that during this time of daily use I can only count a handful of times where I took my kpins to get "high" or "fucked up"

    Since I have noticed a lot of people on here recently using benzo's on a daily basis prescribed or not prescribed and I just wanted to inform people that it is completely doable (and not as hard as you might think) to get yourself off them.

    Okay.. so 4 days without them I have experienced no withdrawals. The only symptoms I have suffered is minor muscle twitches throughout the body. Anxiety is at a normal level, sleep paterns are normal, no sezuires, no urge to take more... nothing. Also, I should mention that in the next couple of weeks some minor symptoms might show up, but I'm doubting this.

    I know some people might say that 5 months of daily use isn't a lot... and quite frankly they are right. But tolerance builds especially quick with benzos (as many people already know).

    I'll give credit to not having symptoms of withdrawal to a few things:

    First, the extreme lengths I went to in my weening. For the first few months I was taking anywhere from .5-3 mg a day (note that I was never at a very high daily dose to begin with). From there, since i was not prescribed, I realized that I would eventually run out, so I decided it was time to work my way off them. I went down to a 1mg daily dose at first for a few weeks, then to .5 for a month or so. After that (say the last two months) I was taking roughly about .25 and then .125 mg daily dose (this is extremely low).

    Second, my doctor. If I hadn't gone to my doctor last week and asked her about possible withdrawals that I might have, I would most likely still be on them. She told me that she has people that are on them for YEARS that don't even ween down to .25-.125 daily doses. She told me that she couldn't see me possibly experiencing any sort of symptoms and she was damn right.

    Third: Gotta give credit to a few people on this forum for recommending my doctor visit (swisher and others) and ESPECIALLY the Ashton Manual . I highly suggest anyone who is looking to get off any type of benzo or anyone who is planning to start taking them daily to take a look.

    Anyways I apologize for the long read. I thought I would share my experience and hopefully anyone who has questions I'll be able to answer them. I'm not going to lie though I can see myself in the future using them again recreationally once in a blue moon to get a little high (NEVER EVER EVER with alcohol again though). This might be a bad mindset but I see no reason to take them again daily because in reality the anxiety I suffer is a problem that cannot be resolved with drugs and can only be resolved with control of my own thoughts, my own worries, and just realizing that HEY LIFE IS FULLLLL OF stressful and anxiety driven situations.

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    why did you stop using your benzos cold turkey? that can be fatal (seizures, etc).... i suggest you pop one before you die

    edit: sorry i didn't read your full post and i didn't know what your situation was. good job i just posted fast because i thought you stopped after popping 5mg daily lol
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    ;) .i do this kinda shit all the

    nice on getting off of them bro and cool that u didn't have to experience withdrawals.. *i don't think taking them every once in awhile for recreation is a bad idea, u obviously had enough will power to stop*
  4. read the title next time then lol

    congrats though, i never really messed with benzos that much
  5. Congrats man No drugs are good if taken to the extreme. Most are good in moderation keep that in mind.Again congrats its could to see a blade with some self control:)
  6. Thanks to everyone sending good vibes thus far. I really appreciate it. I too myself am starting to feel a little better about what I'm doing in life. It's just sad to see that after being awarded scholarships, financial aid, etc. to a great school, that I have wasted most of it away to drug abuse and alcoholism. It seems that this year I'm finally starting to realize how lucky I am and I'm taking advantage of it! Thanks again everyone!
  7. btw if you havnt already conquered your adiction to alcohol is one of the hardest ive seen to do...hope the best

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