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  2. I love chemdawg however I don't support Humboldt seed organization. They are a Spain based company using the Humboldt name for sales.
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  3. They were free seeds from seedsman, im no complaining, check out the legal disclaimer here.....
  4. Check out the law and jurisdiction
  5. That packaging though :biggrin:
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  6. Lol love the replies from people saying 'true Humboldt genetics' lmao that's a lie. So every year close this time we get thousands of Europeans that come over here to trim we call them (trimmigrants). They come here for 'the experience' they say. They probably just grabbed some random seeds someone lied to them and said these have been grown from generations and made a lot of money. If you have seen murder mountain on Netflix it is very true. People come out here work on grows then at the end of the season they vanish. They do it because they aren't locals and they have no choice but to go back. Pretty fucked up also we have the highest missing persons cases in America. Alot of areas to hide bodies and too small of a police force.
  7. Didnt know this was a site for history lessons, im scottish not European pal
  8. Yea its cool, shame too have too break it open... only way too get them out.
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  9. 3 tops on bud branch

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