So is this a HERMIE? Second Grow - 200W CFL - Bagseed

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    So I noticed earlier on ball-like growths and by personal choice i plucked them and now when I thought it's female it seems like a ball appears behind a female pistil. This can only mean one thing.. either it's a hermie plant or I don't know my shit :eek:.

    Also, if it is a Hermie in your opinion, what extra precautions are there? Is there a way I can prevent any pollination onto other heads? I've only seen any suspicious growths on 2 branches ( LST'd ). I'm running 200W of CFLs ( 8 x 2700k / 1 x 6500k 13W for some blue ). I'm using PureBlend Pro soil Series ( Organic nutes ) as food. I still plan on finishing this plant, whether it is hermie or not:smoke:.

    Also, for those who are interested, some moon shots I took a few nights ago through a telescope. It's pretty tricky...:p

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  2. The female hairs grow out of tear drop shaped balls. That looks 100% female to me. There's been a lot of people thinking there females are Hermes. Most hermits don't happen until in flower
  3. As stated above, looks like a girl to me. Just re-enforcing rarouni's statement. cool moon shots!
  4. honestly, those balls look like there are NO hairs coming from them.

    and guys in early flower if you see balls its never good. as the calyxes are never developed enough to see that early.

    other then the lower nodes.

    my diagnosis is hermie, but more pictures would help!
  5. did you google hermafrodite lol.

    as we know what male and females look like.
  6. Those results are usually negative. Lol
  7. dude, id be chain smokin, takin shots hittin the FFW button like mad untill those bitches popped pistils, lookin like a gal with boy parts to me man. TBH ive only seen a few herms buuuutttt....thats exactly what they looked like. :( MAKE FEM SEEEDS!!!
  8. WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT? literally 10 windows just poped on my screen with Malevsfemale CRAP, DUDE thats reallly annoying, please that link is the devil.:mad:
  9. This is the only reason I'm concerned.... keep a close eye on her/him over the next few days. :)


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  10. Feminized seeds do not come from naturally occurring hermies. Natural hermaphrodites tend to produce hermaphroditic offspring... this is something we'd usually want to avoid. :)

    When you allow a 'female' plant that developed male parts, under normal, healthy conditions, to breed, the offspring (the seeds they produce) are just as likely if not more so to hermy, as well. In nature that occurrence and 'reward' would be natural selection, the plant is more likely to reproduce if it does with itself, reproduction is the plants ultimate goal, and that (to the plant, beneficial) trait is passed on to the offspring.

    When we do it, we're 'selectively breeding' a negative trait into the plant. Plants that are prone to hermaphroditism under normal conditions, or plants that hermy too easily, should never be allowed to breed and reproduce. Unless you want an increasing number of plants, that produce male flowers and seeds, whether you want them to or not!
    The 'hermied' plants which some breeders use for producing a higher ratio of female offspring, are selected specifically due to the fact that they endured an unusually large amount of stress (usually chemical, environmental etc.), before finally producing male flowers. Plants which turn over too easily, especially if under average or healthy conditions, are discarded for breeding purposes.

    Hope this helps. :)
  11. well thanks for the correction, o i had maybe had it confused with tressed herm's?
  12. Actually, it's starting to look more like a hermie to me because of badkittysmiles
  13. Thanks for everyones input! I'm going to watching this "ball" form for the next few days I guess. There's definately more whiter hairs day by day. I'll try to get close shots as it grows for those who are unsure, as I am.
  14. I hope this helps. Progress on buds for sure.

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  15. I'm not experienced enough to say forsure but it might be a female cause that ball kinda looked like what i had when i first started flowing my bubba... mine turned out to be a full female
  16. Humbolt County's Own Snow Storm Ultra claims to sterilize pollen.
  17. Now say it were to pollinate... Would the plant still bud out fully? Would it technically be a female with seedy budd? My worst fear is that it buds out a bit and stunts all growth. I've never dealt with Hermies, only females... :p
  18. Are there other plants with it?

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