So is smoking really that bad?

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  1. So guys and stoner chicks of grasscity... I need some advise/help... I've just recently gotten into smoking cigarettes... I know this doesn't have much to do with weed but it's semi-relevant... So my question is, is it bad? Like I've only been smoking for about 2 weeks and I want to know if it's actually bad or if it's a bunch of lies from parents/the government to scare you away just like weed... How many of you guys smoke? How many of you guys quit? Are you happy you quit? Was it hard? How long does it take to get addicted? Any help would be good... Thanks.
  2. it really is bad. its not propoganda
  3. Yea, its actually bad. Never smoked a cig before, besides one drag. I hated it. Don't see the point in it, it's like playing a game to see if you can get cancer or not. Fuck cigs, stick with weed.
  4. bad dude

    those fucking things make me literally sick, everyone I know who smokes bud seems to smoke cigs too, but I just can't handle that shit. And it doesn't even get you have to get addicted in order to get anything out of them...fuck that. I'll keep puffing my joint, you go on and enjoy your cig.
  5. Well This is only my second pack... I'm a slow smoker... Should I just quit while I can? Or can I just smoke alot and then when i want to quit, self medicate with weed and that will help me quit?
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    You need to understand how propaganda works in both situations.

    When tobacco came out, it was even advertised as being healthy and stuff. As more and more court cases came against tobacco companies, eventually they were required to say that it was linked to cancer. Eventually, they sued back and got it changed to "may be linked to cancer", etc. The propaganda with cigarettes was trying to minimize how bad for you they are, not vice versa.

    Pot is basically polar opposites. In the 20s, they got people worried about it because of how it allegedly effected mexicans and blacks. In the 30s, they said it made you go crazy. In the 40s they were saying it caused brain damage, and in the 50s and 60s they started the whole gateway drug thing. Then they come up with amotivational syndrome. Now after 70 years of bullshit, their stance is "We don't really know, but what you don't know is dangerous so it needs to stay illegal"

    If you're not already smoking heavily, why not quit now? It was when I started to feel an urge to smoke that I quit, because I don't want that feeling. Once you're addicted to nicotine, you're basically in a constant withdrawal. You smoke, you think you got some sort of relief but really it's just relief from the withdrawal until it starts again after however long. It's a lame ass addiction. And expensive.
  7. weed has 0 deaths ever, smoking cigs has 400,000. EVERY YEAR

    What does that tell you?
    dont get caught up in that shit
  8. how long does the withdrawl last for? like 2 or 3 weeks? or what?
  9. Might as well just quit now. Dont want to deal with that shit. :smoke:

  10. is it really that hard to quit though? isnt it like 2 or 3 weeks of hell then its over?
  11. Depends on the person's personality. If you have an addictive personality you'll feel like you want another cig for a long time before you get completely over them. Also once you get started it is VERY HARD TO QUIT.
    EDIT: This is just what my friends have told me, they smoke 2-3 packs a day. Fucking chain smokers.
  12. Look up the statistics of how many smokers fail to quit for every smoker who tried.. it's pretty hard to quit from what I've heard. It's just not worth it man lol. I think most people who are hooked to smoking would advise you not to start.

    Plus, there's no quitting esophageal cancer, that shit will eat your insides alive. Take it from me, smoking kills.

  13. This, btw you just hit 2000 posts.

  14. well im not a chain smoker and i dont have an addictive personality but i like cigs just for everything from lighting them, smoking them, ashing them and so on... its just fun and a good stress reliever... i have like zero connections so i hardly get bud... i just like the act of smoking something...

  15. It's one of the most persistent addictions there is, the longer you do it the worse it is to quit. I smoked for 18 years, and finally quit a number of years ago.

    The tobacco industry uses radioactive soil to grow the filthy stuff, and that's probably why people get cancer from smoking.

    Every time you light up a cigarette, you're letting them poison you for profit. Don't be an idiot by doing what they tell you - quit now before it gets to you.

  16. Even without an addictive personality you will still get addicted. Just the ones with the addictive personality have a much harder time quitting. Then again, every smoker has a hard time quitting.
  17. grats on 2000 posts by the way... I guess I should just stop then though... but would it still be ok to smoke when drunk? you cant get drunk without having cigs to smoke... its just unnatural...

  18. I get drunk on a weekly basis. I don't smoke cigs. So not really.
  19. ehh... well what do i do with the half a pack i have left? just smoke them like socially? i dont wanna just throw/give em away because i paid for em... im not even trolling right now either... like wtf do i do with em?

  20. Personally I would throw them away, but really if its only a half pack you could probably just finish those and never go near those things again.

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