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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by ykm420, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. Officially done with high school, graduation was alright, and now it's time to experience a new chapter in my life.
    I'm going to become a helicopter pilot, still debating what school I will attend.
    What I do know is I'm done with MJ, either for the time being, or forever.
    It's been a GREAT ride, and I'll deff. miss smoking, but growing up means making decisions, and this was the right one, seeing as they drug test A LOT in aviation school.
    If I'm ever able to smoke again (Maybe once I'm able to start my own commercial helicopter company) I'll be a middle aged man, which is crazy to think about..
    GOODLUCK everyone! I hope you all have great futures and live a fulfilling life. :wave:
  2. Best of luck on whatever you do. I'm sure you'll smoke MJ again sometime.
  3. Good luck on your future plans dude. But whether you quit herb or become a pilot, you'll still be getting high I guess.
  4. :hello: My thoughts exactly!
  5. Good luck with the pilot career. I'm glad you have your priorities in order.
  6. Good bye marijuana, hello opiates? :metal:
  7. thats awesome man. how hard is it to get into aviation school and r pilots and shit indemand right now? ive always been interested.
  8. Aside expense, it really depends what school you attend, it's not too hard to get into.
    There is a national shortage of helicopter pilots right now, so finding a nice career after you finish school shouldn't be TOO difficult !
  9. Although it is unsurprising to me (for safety reasons and such) that aviation school drug tests so much, how often do they test?

    Also, if it becomes legal and taken off drug tests, you can go back to it.
  10. Yep, its good to quit to reach upper goals like this, but theres no doubt that the everlasting superb orgasmistic fantastic bombastic smoke from some of the sticky icky no seedy or stemy picky green bud will end up in your mouth to your brain, it will be someday again, and its going to be like your first high, but better.
  11. thats great of u to become a helicopter dude. when u retire the herb will be waiting for u:smoking::smoking::smoking:

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