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So I'm watching TV with my mom,

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by ausmanwoah, Feb 7, 2011.

  1. and I had to fart,

    so I rip shit,

    At first she does the whole "OMFG Y DO U FART IN FRONT OF ME THIS IS RIDIKULUS" thing, but what she said next, I'll never forget.

    "Your fart smells like pot!"

    I've smoked a lot these last few days, and at first I was scared, because she has never caught me smoking and she definately doesn't think I smoke either, so I was afraid she was going to suspect me of tokin because of my fart, haha. I sniffed around a little bit but definately couldn't smell anything unusual in my wind.

    Has anyone else had a weed-smelling fart?
    Is this even possible!
  2. in my highschool years i convinced my dad that the skunk smell in the house was my dog farting next to a vent and it circulating throughout the house.... 3rd proudest moment of my life
  3. She must be smelling some shitty pot
  4. I've had farts smell like marijuana, after eating an edible my farts/shits usually reek of bud.
  5. Damn son, what are the first 2?
  6. My farts usually smell weed-like after I've bonged quite a bit.
  7. I'm glad I'm not the only one with budfarts :cool:

  8. This!
  9. hahaha graduating college is #1 and i hold a line class fishing record so thats #2. not that great but hey im still young! few more years and that will slowly make it down the list....

  10. check out my list on my blog haha.

    maybe she is referring to a potty
    as in a place small kids can take shits and stuff
    "your farts smell like pot"
    "your farts smell like potty"

    see similar :p
  11. And your mom knows what pot smells like because ............................? :cool:

    She may be hiding a habit from you. ;) :smoke:
  12. Nah she's smoked before, but she said it just made her paranoid and scared.
  13. lol one time i was mad high, had smoked in my room like 20 minutes before just blowing out window, couldn't find my sploof. It kind of smelled like skunk and my dad opens my door, says whats the smell. i then proceed to say: "i farted" he laughed, shut my door, and started laughing his ass off. lol, i looked in mirror, my eyes were fucking Crayola red.

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