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So Im Sitting Here With My Bong!!!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by EzElo, Jun 10, 2009.

  1. So im here with my bong, smoking some really nice dro i picked up last week. And im wondering what i should use for my bong water? Right now i just smoked some ice cold water and it was really nice...Feelin good:cool: soo what have you guys put in your bong that has a nice taste? I tried kool aid once but im looking for something different...Thanks!
  2. go to a smokeshop and buy tasty puffs, they taste amazing, an orgasm in your mouth
  3. Hmmm...Would soda pop taste good in ur bong?
  4. yea these are rly good^^ they come in a bunch of flavors as well

    soda works pretty well, just not much taste differance in the smoke, just like a hint of the flavor you poured in ur bong
  5. i was under the impression that sugary liquids leave 'water stains' in your bong, and they attract ants if you don't clean it out properly after use.

    then again, I could be wrong.
  6. piss in it.
  7. I wouldnt put anything in my bong except for water, and I've never tried them but tasty puffs, only a few drops, in the water, not in the weed.

    dont use soda, its kind of a bad idea.
  8. Hahaa yea. Maybe try diet soda or something?
  9. Think I used coke once, then drank that shit. It didn't actually taste half bad, really tangy, hard to explain..
  10. Tasty Puffs :)
  11. #11 Got Milk, Jun 10, 2009
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    Wow... Do you eat the filters after your done smoking ciggeretes?

    Haha jokes but that is fucking gross lol.
  12. Ive used gatorade once or twice before.

    it doesnt taste half bad but nothing major.
  13. i have also used gatorade a bunch of times my fav flavors to use are fruit punch and the fruit punch/berry
  14. i dont really smoke out of my bong anymore i only vaporize out of it. i was thinking about putting a Vitamin Water in my bong instead of regular water. With vaporizing the taste is much more subtle so i was thinking the slight hint of berry or lemon would be noticable. has anyone tried this with smoking or vaping?

    also i think that putting soda in your bong is a bad idea. personally i wouyld be afraid i would forget about it and there wouldbe either ants or worse..... mold. vitamin water does have sugar but im pretty sure it is alot less than soda.
  15. any liquid without sugar would be good. You can put alchohol (not rubbing, the kind u drink) in and u can get pretty fucked up as your inhaling straight alchohol vapors, the bong distills the liquor, much like how they turn fermentated mash into distilled spirits (vodka, skotch, brandy) and then it condenses and is obsorbed by your lungs. However u can get very sick, i was hungover for a week.

    Hot liquids= more "heavy" hits, feels like inhaling fog, i find this the most soothing for the lungs and does not make me cough at all.

    room temp liquids= more like inhaling regular air, for me its te second best, doesn't even feel like im smoking.

    cold liquids= very "light" hits, feels like your inhaling nothing, but if the air temperature around is warm/hot it can be a shock to your lungs, and if ice cold to me it feels like in inhaling knives, but thats my opionion. Can also make you cough because its cold therefore dry, even tho it went through water cold air simply cannot hold as much water vapor as warmer air.
  16. sugary or soda or anything like that'll just make it really super sticky.

    ice water is beautiful.
  17. well i've tried vodka in a bong, tasted good and i felt a different high. i wouldn't recommend it though because there's a chance of fire. worked ok for us, but ya never know.
  18. Using any kind of alcohol (high proof drinking, rubbing) WILL filter out THC. THC binds with alcohol (also a method of making hash).

    Drink the alcohol, smoke the weed. Don't smoke weed throught something that will bind the shit you want.

    Just stick with ice and water. If you want the smoke to taste like something, take a hit, then take a sip of kool aid or something :p

    I sometimes drop ONE ice cube in my water about 5 minutes before I smoke. Doesn't make it too cool, but makes it somewhat smoother.
  19. try to put some lemon juice mixed with water in there it will give it a nice taste
  20. I dont know about it giving it a nice taste, but i do know that this method is used for keeping a bong clean.

    If you have a clean bong to start with, then add about 7 drops of lemon juice to the water, the smoke wont taste that different (the scent does) but it keeps your bong cleaner for longer.. Theres a guide on here about it i think..


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