So I'm Quitting.

Discussion in 'General' started by SmokeLemenT, Sep 3, 2008.

  1. As of Aug.19,2008 I have not smoke a single cigarette, drank any alcohol, or consumed any drug/anything that would get me high.

    Here's the deal:

    Since I was young I was never very motivated to do things for myself. I always did poorly in school, didn't keep in touch with friends, save money, get jobs, etc.

    Well, I just turned 18 and I'm off to a fresh start. I'm currently living in a house of guys my age who have the same problems as me. Together we get coached by a program in New Hampshire, go to school, and basically learn things to become more independent (through the mentors)
    They drug test every two weeks, but that's not whats keeping me from using. This is pretty much the drug capital of NH!

    I just want to be sober for a while and see if I can get my act together.
  2. Very mature decision to make bro, and I wish you the best of luck.
  3. Well nothing wrong with that.
    Just hope everything goes well with you.
  4. Words right out of my mouth. Good lucky bro.
  5. I reiterate what was said in the few posts above me.

    I also congratulate you on your maturity.

    Think of it this way. You lived ahead of yourself so far, are growing up faster yet, and remember, you are still young and can do whatever you want for the next a lot of years. You are only eitghteen! 18!

    You could start smoking or drinking or whatever...when the time is right for you, if it is ever right for you again.

    My uncle is 26 years sober in the AA program. My dad has two strikes and has served multiple prison sentences. Two ends of the spectrum. You make your life, plain and simple. If you make using your priority then there you have it. If you make using your pleasure or not at all, you are best off. Both my uncle and my Dad were using cocaine around the same time. One stopped, one didn't. Fucked up big time.

    Make whatever makes you money, i.e. school and work, your #1 priority and then you put everything behind #1. Even your lady has to be #2. Then you set the rest. When you start making money, rent is #2. Food is #3. Basics before anything.

    I'm 27 bro and I've lived quite a bit already. "Been there done that" fits the description. I've seen too much in my life, really. I have a shirt that says "TROUBLE FINDS ME". And this shirt is true. Trouble will find you if you let it.
  6. I have a friend who's tried to get clean 3 times in the last few months or so.

    He always relapses and blames other people for it.

    If you want to stay clean, make it happen.
  7. thanks guys, wow. i expected a few people to give me shit about how weed isnt the problem. but i really appreciate your thoughts and complements!

    I'm also planning on being around the city alot more. Not to replace reading about weed with smoking weed... but for 2 reasons

    1- there aint shit to do in this town if your sober
    2- i want to learn as much as i can about marijuana, effects, growing, etc. just to expand my knowledge.

    anyways thanks again guys!
  8. It takes a jaded cannabis smoker to not recognize any negatives that does come with it. No one here that would like to keep a reputation would say "weeds not the problem". It might be the smallest factor or the largest in your case, but you've thought about your situation more than anyone ever has so you know best what you need to do.

    Hey man whats worse, the want to smoke bud, or cigs? Ha.. I'd take bud over my cigs any day..
  9. very mature decision. good luck to ya :wave:
  10. I did the same thing when I was your age. didnt get drunk or use any illegal substances for 7 years. dont let anyone tell you you cant do it on your own.

    the only reason im high right now is because i use it as an alternative to using pain meds all the time.

    though I usually take it with pain meds because its a lot more fun.:D
  11. good shit

    keep it up playa
  12. Do your thing man. Be that whatever it may be.

    As stated above, it takes a mature person to realize when they've had to much of something they still enjoy so.
  13. good luck have fun don't die?
  14. No, you're not allowed.

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