So im new and have a few questions

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  1. So i have 1 plant that i have been veg n for almost 2 months. 300 watt mars hydro light along with a 40 watt daylight buld. My space is 2.5 x 3.5. I had 3 other plants but they showed they are male so i chucked them. I have supercropped my current female and fim the top a few wks ago. My nodes thru out the plant are very close and the plant is only 13 inches tall. My question is when do i flower this girl? I have room to grow and wouldnt mind holding off til i can get a 2 light for double the lumen for better buds. Do i have time to wait n how much? Will my crrent light produce good buds? Or should i add . Pics will come soon.
  2. more light = more buds, but the plant should grow fine under one. flower stretch will be anywhere from 1.5-2.5x the current height. give her a few more weeks if you have the space and get another light when you can afford it IMHO
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  3. I flipped my plant at around a foot tall.. feel free to check out my journal to get an idea for sizes but a single mars hydro 300 can grow a single plant to harvest just can expect 2-4 ounces with the right veg time/conditions. I just harvested 78 grams off of one plant grown under a mars 300... I veg'd the second longer so it gets half its flowering life with two mars 300's and it has more budsites from the extra two+ weeks of veg and it's doing great im hoping for 100 at a minimum from her.

    Grow journal
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  4. Thats awesome to hear. I just growimg in organic soil and water every 2 days, using distilled water. Our tap water is terrible with heavy metals and ph is like 8 . Yucky tap water Im so excited. I was thinking of ordering some autoflowers. Anyone grow those before.
  5. Pics of my plant and my setup

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  6. if thats how the led stays set up its way too high it needs to be lower to the plant
  7. Yeah i measured , its 18 inches. So how close do i have to be? My understanding is 18 from the top, am i wrong?
  8. Lowered it to 9.5 inches and supercropped a few lower branches. My plan is to veg til it reaches 18 inches. Might be lil over a month b/c im supercropping to keep a even canopy. Still havent topped her yet. Opinions on topping would be appreciated . Should i top the main ? Or leave her alone?

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