So I'm high...

Discussion in 'General' started by AimedForDeath, Apr 10, 2006.

  1. Yeah, so I picked up a dime of some dank tonight.. Talked to my bro and he's gettin bags of green for $20 each tommorow.. thats unbelivable so I'll have to pick a few up...I'm chillin smoking out of my bong.. watchin my sisters little pug dog while shes gone to florida.. I got the little fucker baked. Hows ya'lls nights goin?

  2. how much for $20?
  3. Bag, well.. thats what we call an 1/8th here.. so 3.5g.. But if it's green (meaning no seeds/stems) thats a hell of a deal, and my brother lives two hours away, so I wouldn't be surprised..

  4. 1/8s of dank for 20 bucks? thats amazing
  5. That is amazing. Cheap as fuck. Just make sure you keep giving some to the dog. :)
  6. I'm on lunch right now and i'm pretty high :hello:

    Got a couple hours left of work, then we're going to smoke a big spliff on site and go get some ribs and beer.

    I love when foreman's smoke weed.
  7. ^ Hell yea, I always smoke with my guys. They tend to work hard when they know they have a joint ready for them at 6.

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