So I'm going to college tomorrow

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  1. So I'm 18 years old. I've been living in the same house with the same family for my whole life, and tomorrow I move out and into my dorm room for freshman year of college.

    It's not like I'm afraid that I'll be homesick or anything- I've spent lots of time away from home. Also, It's not like I'm afraid that I won't be able to fit it (I'm a fairly outgoing guy with good social skills and like to make friends/meet new people).

    So, I suppose what's bothering me is that I've simply become "too used to a good thing" (major props to reggin for saying that in the "I feel so alone thread"....its given me lots to think about). I guess that I've gotten used to my family and friends and everything about my lifestyle in this place and that the knowledge that it's all ending and stating over somewhere else makes me :(. What I can't decide is if I'm afraid of "the unknown" (i.e. everything that comes with college, being an adult, life, etc) or of "letting go" of things that are important or constant in my life. All I know is that I'm sitting here, and the fact that I have to get in a car and drive away from my life in 7 hours makes me feel odd.

    Also, I just want to let you all know how grateful I am for a place (gc) where I can literally post anything and (for the most part) get really great responses. It's not like you're "replacing" my real friends, but youre a close but anonymous group of people that all share the experience of living life knowing what things like pot (or anything else) can do to your mind and how it sees everything.

    Sorry for the rant. Any thoughts?
  2. Just remember that every freshman you meet is in the same situation as you. Hardly anyone knows anyone. If you've got a halfway decent roommate, you've already got one friend. You'll meet your neighbors quickly...making friends at college is not hard in the slightest.

    Have fun because when you're sitting at your graduation four years from now, you'll be like, "Holy shit, where did the last four years go?"
  3. You pretty much just described me OP but I feel the exact opposite. Same family, same town, same neighborhood, same house my entire life and I've never really ever traveled anywhere...except for a couple family vacations to Orlando.

    I'm only going 4 hours away, but I can't wait to get there. I'm TIRED of this town, we're surrounded by a few small cities but I only go out there for the theater and I don't have my license now so i don't get a huge say in where I get to go...

    But when I get to college I'll be in a dorm and won't have to go far at all for anything so I won't need a car and I'm pumped about that.

    Just keep your head up man, it's not like I have any prior knowledge to base this on but I just know that it's going to be one hell of an experience...

    I see your from VA, where u going to college? I'm in NC and going to ASU
  4. Ya..I thought the last 4 years of High School went by fast, college is going to fly by.

    I'm staying in state, going to Christopher Newport U down in Newport News. And yea, I do feel pretty tired of this place and I'm excited about all the shit thats going to be going down there, It's just at the same time I feel weird. idk
  5. I only went to school an hour a way from home but its moving into a completely new living situation/life compared to living with the rents. As someone else already said, EVERY freshman is in the same situation. When you get up there everyone will be very open to meeting new faces.

    P.S. this isnt necessarily good advice for the dorms (unless your slick like me;)), but take a handle of some good booze and let the cute girls down the hall know its time to PARTAYY!!!
  6. haha one of the first things I plan on doing is finding someone whos 21, and then finding someone who knows where the shits at. After that's done, I plan on letting every chick I lay eyes on (well....maybe not every one) exactly what time it is
  7. Sounds like you got your shit covered brotha! Have some fun and good luck. Dont forget to keep your nose clean!!!... most of the time lol
  8. Man all you gotta do is walk down the hallway like you know whats up like you see someone and be like "hey bro" like you wouldnt mind being anyones friend you gotta be one slick mothafucka.
  9. haha word. Like I said, I'm not really worried about my social life. I just have some deep mixed emotions about leaving this "chapter" of my life. Is there anything I left unfinished? Are there things I should have said/done in x situation? Did I forget a bag of pot in my car that I'm leaving behind? Am I getting my first adult experience of living life to the fullest and not having any regrets for the past? Its just a lot of stuff going on and of course it seems like its all rushing up to you at once
  10. I know exactly what your talking about man. I'm leaving for college this friday and you basically summed up my so called "fears" about college. Leaving behind 18 years of my life all in one place is a tough thing, but hey, college is going to be the best time of my life and i cant wait for it. Good luck.
  11. Exactly what he said.

    I've been at my college townhouse since the 8th.

    Everyone is totally friendly, especially the ladies. Making friends is as easy as striking up a conversation most of time.
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    enjoy the experience man, this is your time to shine, time to have fun, time to step up to the big leagues and get shit accomplished
    everything you learned in your previous 18 years, put it to use.
    remember that in a short 4 years or so you'll be waking up and going to work everyday, with less time for fun n games
    im sure you'll do fine and when its said and done, you'll only be a stronger person
    now get the fuck out yo momma's crib and grab yourself a 12er, some buds, and go hit on some fresh college chicks...its the cool thing to do in college....or so im told
  13. college really flies by...I'm about to start my fifth year and I can't believe I've been here for four years already it's been so much fun. Orange Bowl win and a basketball national championship my senior year..doesn't get much better than that. Not to mention all the partying nearly everynight and the great weed around. Make sure you have your responsibilities straight but have fun because it's gonna go fast and you'll never be able to live the lifestyle you live in college ever again. I'm jealous of you guys who are just now starting I wish I could do it all over again...although I do have this one year left ha.

  14. Take a deep breath. And enjoy literally, a fresh new start to your life. Yes, everything is new, and it can be a bit scary, but embrace the freedoms you now have, and make the most of every second. You will certainly love it.
  15. damn dude, Im going into my junior year of high school but Im already a lil nervous about college, lol.
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    When I first went to college I was so sad for the first week leading up to college. After the first week you will feel at home. Also get involved with social activities at school. That will help you make new friends.
  17. Is it true that mostly everyone matures going into college and you don't have to deal with the real stupid high school crap?
  18. Pretty much all of these guys are right, everyone else around you is going through the same situation. However, make sure you don't say "I'm going to get settled in and I'll make friends later". Make sure you take advantage of any freshmen activities that your school may have.. go to ALL of them. You'll make so much more friends that way. If you wait, people will have made friends already and fall into that comfort zone of "I'm not desperate to make more friends" so it will be harder to make some. Dive in head first, and have fun.

    Also, don't lose sight of why you're going to college. Like you said you're an adult now, so you have to take responsibility for your actions. Have fun, but don't forget to study :). Classes are not like high school.
  19. Sure there is more maturity, but drama definitely occurs a lot in college. It's usually over less trivial stuff than high school though.

  20. No. It just changes a little, but it really depends on the school. Greek scenes can be a little high school cliquish, but way more fun since cliques have their own apparel and houses and shit.

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