So im at Slightly Stoopid last night. . .

Discussion in 'General' started by blade477, Aug 30, 2008.

  1. and i had rolled up a blunt before the show and as soon as they got on a lit it up, i was splitting it between 2 other friends and as soon as i light it up i have 3 random people ask if they can hit it. I say no cause i know it will get lost if I do. Anyway, this asshole with a shaved head and his shirt off asks me if he can hit it (mind you i saw this guy smoke off multiple other people) i pretend not to hear him, then he pushes my shoulder i turn around and say "what!" he grabs the blunt out of my hand takes a super big toke gives me the finger and gives the blunt back to be. Now im all down for smoking people up at shows but you have to realize i cant share with everyone, and dont be a fucking dick if someone wont let you smoke. end rant dont be an asshole.
  2. your a bitch if you didn't step up to that.
  3. That's the part where you and your friends put him in the hospital....
  4. Wow thats very dick of the guy, u and your freind should have had a talking to with him
  5. gave u ya 5th bar, +rep word. again major disrepect
  6. Nothing says don't touch me like, like a knife in a skull.
  7. I woulda said "hey man dont hit it so hard!" ITS ANGEL DUST HOLMES!!!
  8. haha il lol'd.

    that would def freak the guy out

    "that blunt u just hit"

    "what bout it"


    "sherm, illy, fry, angel dust"
  9. I gar-n-t (im to high to spell)) that guy would have shit his pants.
  10. Hahaha lmao nice dude.

    That suck tho man this one bitch at Jack Johnson did that to a J of mine. She was cute, and she was a chick so it's not like i could have hit her. Except she took a bunch of hits and finally I was like 'fuck you bitch' and took it back.
  11. Yeah, you should have hit him and gotten kicked out! You were smart by not hitting him. I don't know what I would have done, but at least you kept your cool. The dude was a major dick, and hopefully he gets caught with some dope or something on him.
  12. god dam!!
    if i was your friend, i would kick his fuckin ass, that he would ended up in hostibal
    fuckin dick
    (srry i suck at spelling due to doin x too much)
  13. should have punched him in the throat while he was takin that monster hit.. that would have fucked him all up.. what an ass hole..
  14. haha yea its garnt :smoking::smoking:
  15. Word.

    I wouldntve been able to hold back.
  16. i know i should have hit him but like some of you said i didnt want to get kicked out over some stupid shit like that, i didnt even know what to do i was dumb founded the whole time, if he didnt give it back there probably would have been a problem
  17. I respect you for not hitting em. Ticket proly cost alot and not worth getting a battery charge and going to jail. Prolly could of got caught with the weed also. But thats fucekd up what he did. He shouldn't of flicked you off he shoulda just lied or something and been like "sry man no ones letting me toke" at the least. The guy sounds like a lil scene kid fag anyway.
  18. Sorry but that guy just strolled all over you and you let him.

    This is one of the times I advocate violence.
  19. when i was at the brand new concert people were looking at me like. .

    "is he smoking?!?"

    and i offered every square a hit just to mess with em
  20. yea i woulda been fuckin pissed. Only time i've ever done something like that at a concert was when some guy asked me if i could spare him a j paper, so i gave him a zig zag, and later on he let me take a few hits... it was overpriced/excellent long island bud. cool guy

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