So, Im a big loser myself, and.....

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  1. IMPO, Rachel Fredrickson looks great ! Not even a little bit too thin.
    I think the real issue here, is that what the American public considers "normal" or "not too fat" is completely skewed, as obesity has become SO fucking normal :( < Sad.
    Yea', she's thin now, and I'm sure she feels ef'ing great ! .......just like I did when I lost most of my body fat.
    So they had said the normal BMI index (a totally outdated system) for her should be 108-145 {which BTW, I think for a girl to be 5'4" and 145 lbs, but with a good, low BF %, she'd have to be built like an ef'ing gorilla.... or should I say, like me... but only 5' 4" :) LOL}
    If I were her trainer, I'd tell her;
    Okay, you have finished the "easy part" and lost most of the fat (cals in, vs cals out, simple as that) but now we need to bump up those cals / protein, and put about 6-10 lbs of lean muscle on you, and Bam ! And BTW, doing this ^ would put her weight at 113'ish.... totally within that old, POS BMI index.... for anybody who cares about that.
    Then she will be fit like an Olympic athlete :)
    Because lets face it, they are plenty of skinny, unhealthy, weak (low muscle mass) people out there, who do NOTHING to take care of themselves, but simply (usually without even trying) don't take in enough cals NOR do anything to burn the cals they do take in.
    Oh hey, so when I was first losing a bunch of my fat, I had gotten down to 189lbs (from nearly 300, for most of my adult life) and I looked like total SHIT ! Loose skin, no visible muscle... yuck ! Everybody kept saying, "Oh ! You don't need to lose any more weight ! {in a totally concerned voice} and they were right ! I didn't need to lose more "weight"..... instead, I just needed to lose more fat, and put on even more lean muscle to fill everything in..... which is what I've been doing for the last 4 years. Now I'm weighing 215@11%... shooting for 225@9%. 2 more years ?
    Anyway, I just think when it comes to weight loss, fitness, and exercise, America is just SO full of shit. Everybody wants to be an armchair warrior, but how many people have actually walked the walk ?
    I have.

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    Yer' perty' brave ! :)
    You know we are fixing to be bashed on by fat, jelly's right ? :) LOL
    Oh hey, I wanted to add;
    Especially in view of the fact that Rachel "had just finished losing all that weight, she really looked even better than would be expected ! WAY better than I did, at that same point in my own weight loss. Give her 18 months for her skin to finish shrinking, and hopefully, to put on a few lbs of straight "lean muscle".... and Bam !  Whoo Hoo :)
    I'd love to go climb some mountains with her :)
  3. I don't even know what this thread is about.
  4. Dagnabbit now I feel the need to Google this girl.

    I personally dont care if a person is big or small as long as they're happy. Their life, not mine.
    But, but, it's by far the most important thing in the world...what's wrong with you? :confused:
    After all...why was the internet created if not for people to be able to sit comfortable behind a keyboard and criticize others...:poke:
    Too fat...too thin...who really gives a shit...or, more importantly...who really should give a shit...
  6. Ugh you're right :( I really need to work on my "better than thou, based on opinions" judgement skills :cry:

    :laughing: :laughing:
    No worries...I have enough of a superiority complex for both of us...:p
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    Oh thank goodness! I thought I was going to slip into a downward spiral of failure, please teach me of your arrogant ways!! :cry:

    Haha you are definitely one of my favorite blades. Always crack me up and throw some wisdom in there.

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