So Im 20 Yrs. Old

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  1. Just Turned 20 like 3 weeks ago and i live wit my moms still cuz im going to a skool right here...
    (dont act like most of yall who are 20 aint in my position) :D

    but anyways my main "?" is i smoke ALOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT of weed but When i come home from smoking I "HAVE TO" Be Sober cuz i feel if i come home HIGH im disrespecting her.... can anyone help me find a way to get high without getting caught up with... EX: red eyes, talking slow. or saying "huh" alot lol.... etc.

  2. Just smoke more, I find if you smoke a bunch habitually you get used to the high and can conceal it real easy when the time calls, my eyes even stop getting red when I smome daily.
  3. red eyes - use visine.

    as far as the other things - i dno man, i learned to be able to act completely normal in front of my mom, no matter how high i am. I actually talked to her in person on shrooms once. + my eyes just dont get red anymore. Mind over matter - just sober yourself up for a few minutes, your not drunk
  4. i believe thats called a tolerance..
  5. Yeah but not really. ^ I still get insanely high every time I smoke some dank, even a tiny little bowl, its more about controlling your highs and knowing what to expect and how to mess with it.
  6. drummerdude49 is right ima take it.. its just me im a really funny guy and loud most of the time (not obnoxious tho) lol and when im high i just feel like she'll be like ok whats wrong with him?

    and as far as my eyes they only get red if i smoke out the WHOLE NIGHT other than that i just turn Chinese lol
  7. yeah, I feel you, just try and avoid her but not too much to make it suspicious, just play it cool haa

  8. yea thats what i be doin now lol

    but lately ive just been getting SUPER HIGH WHEN SHE GOES TO BED!

    but i just cant hide the smell lol
  9. Smoke otuside and try as hard as you can to maintain yourself around the house :hello:

  10. lol

    When I was 19 and still living with my mom, my girlfriend moved in, and we brewed some shroom tea one night and my mom woke up while we were tripping. It was great, she didn't even notice. If you can handle it you can handle it. Just be confident, look her in the eye, etc.
  11. thanx for all the support
  12. yeah man, getting high more often will help.
  13. Practice makes perfect mang.

    I've gone to dinner with my grandparents on 2 hits of acid
    Talked to my parents in person on shrooms, acid and e (all at once and individually as well) and basically any drug I have done they have seen me on wether they are aware of it or not. It just takes a bit of practice and confidence, never over think becaus it will only be to your detriment.

    Most noticably I was on a hockey tournement in Chicago and shared a room with my mom. I had two girls in our room and we were all on extasy. My mom kept comming in and out to get money for the bar+eating dinner with some other parents. I know my pupils were huge, and my mom would have never guessed that it was because I smuggled those pills over the border, ergo she couldn't say shit because she didn't think I had the balls/was stupid enough.

    But by the sounds of it, you smoke enough weed to be able to function just as well sober and you could high. (The way it should be):D
  14. haha hey thanx man!

    (head dead)
  15. Yea when your smoking all the time your normal attitude morphs with your stoned attitude and you just seem like a happy normal guy :D
  16. Im fucked up everysingle day so people think im normal all the time lol thats how it works for me:cool:
  17. eyes: visine but you can't hide them chingy eyes you sport around so often
    smell: cologne, always carry a small bottle on me for those times where i smoke a blunt 15 minutes before i come home
    being high: make sure you make eye contact because evading hers will give you away in an instant. just act as normal as possible and never think about the situation too hard. try and get away from her as fast as possible, like going to your room or something

    hope i helped
  18. true shit, it helps to be on something almost everyday because people will never be able to tell the difference unless they do drugs themselves. i'm a beast at knowing when someone is fucked up and at least what kind of drug if not the exact drug they are fucked up on :cool:
  19. I like how this reads like a personal on

  20. word.

    why not come home later, when she's sleeping?

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