so if you were looking at doing some time....

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    how many years of jail would it take to make you say "Fuck this. I'm gonna go spend the rest of my life in Uruguay."(before going to jail)

    I'd start thinking about if my sentence was looking like it was gonna be about two years, and there's no doubt I'd be doing it if I was looking at a 10 year sentence.

    ....well, I like to travel and displace myself anyway. so ya.
  2. it would take a 5 year sentence. but knowing my luck i would fuck up in some central/southamerican country and get 5 years in their prison.
  3. which is hundreds of times worse than prisons in here jaja
  4. 10+ years and i would be in europe
  5. yeah watch locked up abroad.
  6. prolly 15+ years and i would gtfo. i could get around europe pretty easy (know german and french) but it would be too obvious since my entire family is euro and they would know to look there lol. malaysia probably.
  7. Five and hello Canada.
  8. Call me a sissy, but 5 days seemed like a life time. I would man up to a year maybe, anymore than that and id consider my options on where to go. As others have said i really enjoy traveling, and am pretty good at getting by on next to nothing. So it could work. I would probably fuck up and get caught eventually, but hell that's more freedom than i would have had.
  9. i'd say 5 and i'd be the fuck out. i kind of want to leave anyway..
  10. shit with my color skin i can blend into many countries
    5 years and i would be like hello argentina
  11. 8 months. i've done it before and i'll never do it again.
    i would rather sleep in my car, eat dog food, wipe my ass with leaves, and bathe in a river, before going back.
  12. prob 15 years. id move to a desolate island in the pacific and live off the land and grow weed lol
  13. im with this guy. ive never been but i wouldnt take any chances. might be nice to see a change anyways.

  14. I think the feds will come looking for you in both canada and mexico...maybe further away depending on the crime. I'm not exactly sure.

    That's why I think southern south america is best. It's pretty damb far, and they have a fairly high standard of living. An illegal immigrant could probably make it there and not have to live in a little tin shack like in Nicaragua, or something. lol

    I guess US jails are some of the worst when compared to other modern regards to fucked up shit going on and stuff.
  15. But would they be accepting of foreigners in parts of south america? Living in Belize does not sound bad at all, but yeah a year is more than enough incentive to run off somewhere.
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    I'd definitely say 5 seeing as that's a quarter of my current lifetime, that's a big deal right now. However, I could see me going off to Israel to visit the religious sites (something I want to do before I die) before I'm incarcerated and heading back to do my time.

  17. I assume you'd have to be under the radar. you couldn't just become a citizen, cuz your wanted in the US. You would probably have to get a job at a restauraunt, or farm, or whoever would just hire you w/o you being a citizen. maye make money illegally and retire...or get in trouble and go somewhere else. lol

    I remember I used to look at my atlas all the time when I was a kid, and I always wanted to move to belize. I even looked up land that was for sale on the internet. seems like a really chill place. and it's got the biggest reef in the western hemisphere. maybe you could get a job at a fishing charter boat or some tourist bar. lol
  18. haha dude it's funny you mention that atlas thing, i used to do the same thing, but I used to look up volunteer opportunities in those places, for the cheap room and board, dreamers will be dreamers i guess :rolleyes:
  19. 5+ & im outta here

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