So i went to a funeral today....

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    It was for my brother in law, who although we may have drifted our separate ways over the last ten years is a person whom i consider a good friend. My wife's family is a bunch of insane assholes and he was basically disowned because of his drug use.
    The funeral was nice. All my old friends were there, everyone from my biker days of riding with the pagans to my more recent sane friends, had too be over a hundred people, Frankie would have been proud.

    Frankie was a good guy, even with all his faults. He was always helping someone. But he liked to party, Vodka and cocaine were his drugs of choice. Lost his wife and kids to it, many a job, and most of his friends, me included, avoided Frankie. I like to think that it was because i could not stand to watch him do that to himself, but it was more than likely that i just being selfish and didn't want to deal with it.

    New Years day, as he sat alone in his run down farm house, snorting the last of his eight ball, and drinking from a half gallon of Nikolai, his spleen burst and flooded his abdomen with blood. His mother found him as she was dropping off some food for him. On Tuesday of this past week they took him off of life support due to multiple organ failure.

    The funeral was nice though. He was cremated and his ashes were on display, along with pictures, hundreds of pictures. Each bringing back fond memories of better times. I don't feel i have closure though. He was cremated so there was no body for me to see. I found out later though, that he paid for this funeral himself 2 years ago. Guess he knew it was coming.

    We all need to be better friends.

    Sorry, its been a long day and i just needed to think out loud.
  2. I'm sorry for your loss, man.

    What drives people to that destruction? It's madness...

    At least you can remember him for what he was. Cocaine and vodka aside, you seem to think he was a good person, so remember him as that. The drugs don't make a person bad, I don't think. I know what it's like to have a bunch of pricks in the family - my dad's side barely speak to us 'cause they hate my mom.

    RIP for your brother in law man, at least now he's at peace.
  3. Thanks man.Im not sad, its more disbelief.
  4. RIP Frankie..

    This bowls for you!

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