so i went in a ditch...

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by mozes, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. ok so me and a couple friends were just toking up, we were just driving by a river and one friend flips some random guy off. being the hick peice of shit that the person he fliped off he turned around and tailed us.
    we were pretty ripped so we were tweakin out. i know a guy that lives near where we were so i decided to go there and figured if i went home he would go away, but no.
    he got out when we pulled in the drive way and talked to us about it . it was no bing deal but quite inconnvient.
    as we were leaving the road was icy and i lost it and went straight into a 10 foot ditch that droped almost straight down. some how i kept it goin and drove out of some guys yard.
    when we got to the hill all I had was a flat tire so luckly my mom put me on AAA lol, but while waiting we ventured off into the woods to smoke more cause it wass gonna be a while, as we walked through the woods we cam across a small hut that im pretty sure was made to somke in and it had a legit couch and table in it. idk we thought it was cool.

    any one else got a crazy story similar to this
  2. very genuine story :hello:
  3. not about going in a ditch, but at school we were tired of worrying bout ras and campus police busting us smoking around campus so we built a hut right off campus in some woods. dragged in a chunk of a big ass fallen tree we sawed off as a bench and built a fire ring. really chill spot, great to smoke in. and might have to crash there for a night or two over spring break when i get back to mt and get the hell outa mn

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