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so i watercured a .7 nug

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by notelliot, Aug 29, 2005.

  1. to try it out, didn't want to drop in an o and let the mould settle in..

    anyway, it's still soaking wet and i'm getting impatient. i put it in a jar with paper towel to soak up the water, which worked a bit but it's still not dry enough to smoke.

    is there a way to speed dry/cure?
  2. You can pop it in the microwave a few seconds. That has nothing to do with watercuring and you'll get a real harsh smoke, but it will be dry.
  3. will it effect the results of my watercure?
    or stink up the house?
  4. your supposed to do it for a minimum of 7 days
  5. let it dry for a week? fuck that.
  6. You must love shitty weed.
  7. the way i speed my curing process up is

    put all my bud in a tupperware container and then place it on top of my monitor and leave it on for 24hrs, if the monitor is in your room and the light bothers you, set your screensaver to BLANK and run it...

    the top of the monitor of a runnin pc gets fairly warm and can be used as a heating pad for the weed.

    ...oh... or just use a heatingpad o_O
  8. just let it dry dude, if you left it in the water 7 days and changed the water everyday there's no reason it shouldn't be a good smoke.
  9. The top of a computer monitor can be a poor-man's food dehydrator. You can dry fruit really fast, and it would probably work great to dry several ounces of your favorite flower bloom.
  10. watercure?

    never heard of it, anyone care to elaborate?
  11. same. yeah sounds interesting, does it just make the weed a little more smooth to toke?
  12. While this is just an educated guess, I imagine since most schwagg comes in a compressed mess (since it's easier to transport larger amounts like that), water curing simply returns the weed to a fluffier and smoother smoke. This is just my guess though.
  13. Watercuring does indeed make the weed "fluffier" from a compact status, but it will also take away a lot of the plant matter that doesn't contain THC, since THC is not water soluable. The THC crystals will really show themselves after a good water cure.
  14. So when curing in a mason jar or whatever, would one want to use cheese cloth to change the water, so all the weed is caught in the cloth and can be put back into the jar with new water?
  15. I've seen comparisons of water cured to regular cured buds... The water cured buds look like shit... If you want to put moisture back into the buds... Put some orange peel or some lettuce into the bag for a lil...

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