so i was working on my truck when..

Discussion in 'General' started by randomstoner, May 27, 2009.

  1. i get a picture message from some random ss 802 number so i view the picture and its none other tha na fucking garden of AK-47
  2. Lol what
  3. That's the greatest thing ever.
  4. Text him back and say great plants! Then give him some advice since you're the only person on the planet that can name a strain just by looking at it.
  5. i did tell him nice plants i think he was freaked tho cuz he said i cant take credit of coarse its legit medical.. i told him come on grass city the wierd thing is he asked if i was someone else whos first name i prolly going to text back and say did u mean --------- is that a bad idea?

    edit neodrivesgeo- i didnt mean i looked at them and knew it was ak47 in the message it had the picture then right below it said AK's
  6. He is probably a cop dude.

    Why in the hell would you text back a message to a random number that sent you a pic of pot.

    I would store that number as "DO NOT ANSWER", like I did to this bitch when she wouldnt stop bugging me.
  7. Area code as in 802-@#$-#^%? Cuz that would be Vermont (802).
  8. VT NARC prolly
  9. [​IMG]

    Also post the pic.
  10. is the truck alright
  11. I 100% agree, cops do own cells man. It isnt impossible for them to pick up on your recent text's about herbage, and then text you for a bribe.
  12. One of my friends lost his phone in a fight so he told me to walk back where it was so the cops didn't see him. I get there and no ones there and his cells gone, so I call it and no answer. Call again and some random guy picks up, I ask him why he has my friends phone and he says "Whos this?" so I tell him a fake name(He has my name listed as dimitri and not my real name). Eventually I get him to admit hes a cop and he tells me my friend can pick his phone up at the station.

    Next thing ya know 2 SUV's pull up on us and they get out and start questioning us, I had a SHITLOAD of pills on me. The cop ends up pulling me aside cause I wasn't saying anything for the conversation and I had a nice talk with him so he ended up letting me go.

    Never again.
  13. Damn Bud, see that shit is real. I lost my phone too a while back. I called and nobody answered though.

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